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Irving over 28 years of information technology and computer repair experience. With a Bachelor of Science in Industry Automation from Xi’an Jiao tong University, China, he went on to receive his MCSE, CCNA, A+ and DCSE Certifications. As a Vancouver resident, he came to realize the need we all have for his services and has been more than happy to oblige with his specialties in PC repair, Server management, Storage solutions, Switch & Router functions and Networking and more. His skills and work is trusted by top Banks, our Provincial Government, Retail stores, Hospitals, Law Firms, and residential customers all over Toronto. When he has a spare moment, he loves to engage in more tech by providing tech training, visiting technology hubs like the Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas and traveling to Unisys Training Center in Chicago.
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Irving Zhang, TickTockTech Head of Technician in Vancouver

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Technician's Expertise


▷ Bachelor of Computer Automation
▷ Computer Network Engineering
▷ Certificate of Bridging to Information & Communication Technology
▷ DCSE (Dell Certified System Expert) Training
▷ Quantum Storage Training
▷ Lexmark Printer Service Training
▷ EMC Storage Training


▷ Operating Systems: Windows NT,XP,2000,Windows 7/8/10,windows servers,VMWare,Linux
▷ Hardware: Dell server,desktop/labtop computer,tape library,disk storage system,Quantum Storage System,EMC Storage System,Lexmark Printer,CISCO router/Switch
▷ Languages: C,C+,JavaScript
▷ Software: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Amipro, Lotus 123, Approach, Freelance, CCmail, MSmail, AutoCAD, ArcServe, Oracle, SQL server and VPNs

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