What did you end up doing for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a holiday to celebrate and honor our ancestors. This holiday includes gravesite visitations. This activity can become even more meaningful if we know the stories that are attached to those gravesites. Through Ancestry.com, they make it possible through a few different ways.

Photo by Brett Sayles

Look for a Leaf

First, ancestry.com has so many different ways to be able to look up your ancestors. Once you put that name from a gravestone or a name from your family tree, it has the ability to pull up any story that is attached to that name. They attach a leaf to the record so it makes it easy to find those stories. They do all the hard work searching so if you have a busy schedule, this makes it simple, easy, and quick.

Explore Ancestors Record

Next, explore the record. They will have different things attached with that leaf that include photos, timelines, and stories. There is an option if you have stories of your own that you can add that record so others can enjoy knowing more about that person. Oftentimes, they will have context about that record that will help the reader understand the time period that the person grew up in and how it made them the person they were. Here’s a cool story to watch

DNA testing

DNA testing shows where exactly in the world your family came from. It can even tell the specific regions. This cool feature can also allow you to track your families moves and why they left the destinations.  

Hopefully this information can help you in finding more about your family and those names on the gravestones that you’ve looked at. If you need any help with your technology, like to Clean Your Computer for Free, we are here for you!