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Have you ever wondered what on earth 3G, 4G, or even 5G is? Perhaps it only pertains to cell phones. Or maybe it has more to it than that. Well, hopefully this read might be able to answer some of your questions.

The Meaning behind the G

So that G is short for generation. Throughout the technology boom, there has been a new generation about every 10 years or so. It actually started with 0G which was the very first cell phone. Then the 1G came out which allowed for the very first, super blocky, wireless cell phone. The technology continued to progress and made the huge, gigantic leap at 3G which allowed for the phone to stream movies that you can watch but there was lots of buffering. 4G gave us the ability to have an insane amount of abilities to stream with little to no buffering. Which brings us to the newest generation, 5G.

5G abilities

5G makes it possible for us to things that helps us go faster. One example is that we can instantly share. It also allows us to browse with zero wait for loading. Because there is no latency, you can control things like you’re doing it with your own hands. and be able to get even faster speed than before. Where the speed may be faster, the wave lengths are smaller so it may be harder to get the 5G everywhere because it is easily blocked by walls or trees. Because 5G is the newest generation, it has not been fully launched. They are still working on getting it out to the more rural areas but if you are in a high populated city, chances are that you have been experiencing the newest generation.    

Future Generation

Is 6G a reality? What might this look like? Right now it is in the works of making a 6G network. This would allow all things to run with each other making coverage possible everywhere you are. Here is a really neat YouTube video that explains more in depth of what is out there for us to experience in the future. 

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