Educational technology is a term used to describe a range of teaching and learning related software and hardware that are being used in classrooms. The goal of educational technology is to improve the learning environment. By using technology, educators can create digital, interactive textbooks, take attendance, assign homework, hold quizzes. Educational technology is changing traditional education and teaching methods by offering both teachers and students the ability to learn in an environment that makes use of devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

What is the main objective of educational technology in 2021?

The main objective of Educational Technology is to improve the quality of education and improve the learning process. Most importantly, technology should enhance the teaching and learning process as well as facilitate the performance of educational systems.

How technology in classroom can impact students:

Technology offers better access to resources

Because of  Internet connection, we have access to a range of information 24 hours a day. We can find almost anything online, in its most up to date version. For students, this means access to everything from research materials and educational apps to interactive edutainment and open resources from prestigious universities around the world. 

Students Can Learn at Their Own Pace

All children are not the same. Every student learns at his or her own pace. There are many ways that combining technology into the classroom can help students learn at a rate that is more comfortable to them, and that helps them to retain information. For example, in-classrooms using laptops or tablets during lessons or activities allow students to read directions, process information and complete work at their own pace. This also helps teachers free up their time so they can give students who may need extra guidance or assistance the attention they require.

Prepare Children for the Future

The education children receive in school prepares them for the future, and for this reason it is important to incorporate technology in the classroom. Over the years, technology has massively evolved and will continue to do so. It’s important to note that expensive classroom technology doesn’t always result in productive teaching and learning. By learning to use technology in the classroom at a young age, children are developing the skills and knowledge that is essential in today’s world.

Ways technology has affected education

With technology, there are no limitations.

Having access to other information other than books gives students many different ways to learn a concept. Teachers can come up with creative ways to teach their students that keeps them engaged. Technology has changed the learning environment so that learning is more hands-on. Schools throughout the nation are diverse in income, and often kids don’t always get the resources they need. The implementation of technology in schools helps close that gap.

  • Technology has the ability to enhance relationships between teachers and students.
    When teachers include technology in their teaching, they take on the roles of adviser, content expert, and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning more interesting  and fun.
  • Multitude of resources
  • Devices like Computers, tablets, and other forms of technology provide multiple resources for the teacher other than books. Technology does not only keep students engaged with new features and apps, but also has other ways to improve how students learn. Every kid learns differently, and technology helps with this as well.
  • Technology is necessary to succeed outside of primary and secondary education
    Whether we like it or not, technology is an important concept to learn. Because it changes so quickly and so is education, children are better off learning about it sooner. Technology is one of the most important  parts of today’s industries.  These days, technology is more than just learning basic computing skills. Technology is now part of every aspect of our lives.