Since 2020 was such a strange Halloween, being the pandemic and all, this Halloween can make up for that and also be the best year ever. There are some pretty cool Halloween tech ideas that can really liven up the holiday to make it the best. It can range in price depending on how much you are willing to put forward but the emotion on the people’s faces is priceless. Let’s see how we can make the best tech haunted house this Halloween. 

Halloween Tech Hunted house ideas
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Ultimate Halloween Haunted House: Step 1

First, it is important to have a theme to work around. It helps the viewer to place the decorations and make it even more spooky. Once that is figured out, you can start with the decor.

Decor for the Halloween Haunted House

A great tech thing to have is a fog machine. It distorts all of the scary things and adds an eeriness that almost invites the people to come and get scared. There are several places to get a fog machine and they range in price and quality but it can be really fun to add that to the decor list.

Creepy Windows

The windows are one of the most overlooked when decorating. This is one of the creepiest opportunities to scare people. There is a digital decoration from AtmosFX that comes with a projector that can show freaky ghosts or virtual zombies. 

Mirror of Death

If you are making a haunted house, there is a really cool thing you can add in there for a tech decoration. Or you can have it on your front porch. It is this mirror that has a high-def video screen behind its ornately framed haunted mirror. When someone steps on a trigger pad or a hand-held trigger activates it, a killer clown appears or bloody Scary Mary appears. Freaks people out every time. This can be found at

Now it is important to have the perfect lighting. It can be the difference between a really spooky house and an okay place. At, you can find a whole package that can light up your whole house with eerie lights that flicker ominously and has several colors to choose from. 

Another creepy tech decoration is a computer-animated eye monster without a face. It is very unnerving to see it on costumes, props, and even jack-o-lanterns. You can download different peepers to blink and dart about on its video screens mounted to an eyeglass-shaped backing. This can be found at 

No matter how you decide you want to celebrate Halloween this year, these are some pretty cool ideas that can help put the celebration over the top. Hopefully, everyone has a safe and happy Halloween this year. If you need costume ideas, look at our Top Halloween Tech Custome Ideas.

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