It is that time of year where the kids go house to house collecting candy. Last year we did not need to worry about it as much because of the pandemic but this year, it is on! It has been a little while since the kiddos have gone house to house and because of that, there is probably a bunch of change that has happened between now and a couple years ago. Lots of people have moved and have been replaced with new neighbors. Well, here are some Halloween safety tech ideas to help keep you and your kids safe this Halloween.

Photo by Anastasia Ankudinova from Pexels

Safety using Apps

There is a Scream Alarm app that acts like a woman’s voice. It will make a loud voice to ward off any potential assailants.

Map Apps

There are a couple of new apps that have launched that can help you know which houses to avoid. The cool thing about these apps is that they have maps on them so you can map out your neighborhood and make a route that is safe for everyone.  

The first app is called Offender Locator. It uses the phone’s GPS and will pin all the houses that have occupied sex offenders. It is surprising how many pins pop up. So check it out before you go make your routes. This app offers more information on the pin once you click on it. That way you can know exactly who they are, what they look like, and what they were convicted for. 

The second app that does a similar thing is called Life360. The different thing that this app offers is that it will give you an immediate notification of where each family member is. It also gives the option of sending emergency messages to the rest of the family. The rest of the app is very similar to the Offender Locator. 

Emergency Apps

Accidents do happen along with unfortunate things so there are several apps that you can use while you are out trick or treating to keep you safe and get you help immediately if you need it. 

Watch Over Me is an app that only requires a shake of the phone and it will sound an alarm. When the phone is shaken, it also turns on the video camera and alerts any emergency contacts.

SOS Stay Safe does the same as Watch Over Me but instead of alerting all the emergency contacts, it alerts select emergency contacts.

Silent Beacon app can send text messages, push notifications, emails and voice calls to emergency contacts with a single touch. This can also notify 911 or emergency responders if it is stored on the device. It also has the ability to track your location with real-time monitoring using the GPS. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween this weekend. If you are a last minute costume decider, here is a good place to get some ideas. Be safe and enjoy all the costumes, parties, and candy. If there are any issues with your tech, please feel free to reach out to us. We can come and help.