What Tech to Expect Year 2022

Every discovery and advancement of technology makes it feel like we have reached the peak of innovation. As the case is, a new tech is a gateway to another, everyday, tech evolve with new and amazing capabilities. Hardwares or software, new tech comes up almost every year with a lot of development. Another crazy year in the books. 2021 started with the pandemic still guiding a lot of the technology used. There was a bunch of different face-to-face apps being used to communicate. There were also a lot of people still working from home through computers and other tech-based things. So, what does this mean for tech in 2022? The Covid-19 pandemic is probably going to be much of the same type of tech. There are some really cool things coming out that can make life just a little easier starting with AI, renewable energy, and new coding.

6 Top Technology to Look out for in 2022

New Artificial Intelligence

Tech for 2022

There have been so many leaps in AI the past year that it is crazy to try and keep up with all that is happening with it. All of the algorithms that are put out there to help guide us in the pandemic as well as social media algorithms to help connect. Now in the year 2022, it is expected to come out with even more AI technology that will go above and beyond what we are currently used to.

But since we are still trending to work from home, they are working on an AI technology that will actually be like a virtual reality similar to the Matrix movie. So essentially you will be at work but not in the office physically but virtually. It will be so real that it may be difficult to tell the difference. 

Renewable Energy

Tech for 2022

When the pandemic hit, no one really went anywhere. Because of this, emissions were down 4%. The really cool thing that happened is the natural, healthy growth of plants. There were also animals dwelling in places that haven’t been seen for several years. This has hit a chord with tech experts trying to save our planet. So, they have been coming up with better solutions to keep emissions down. The goal is to create renewable energy that is capable for everyone to do without the high cost. 

New Way to Code

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

In the year 2022 it is said that they will have released software that can actually translate what you wish for your device to do and it can translate what you say into code so you can create your own code without any knowledge of coding. This is huge since the world seems to be becoming more technology based and with it being such a quick-paced society, not having to go to school for 4 years minimum to learn coding and then graduate and realize everything you learned is now outdated. It will open up more job opportunities as well as help with entrepreneurship.

Quantum Computing

Computing Tech for 2022

We are quite familiar with the quantum mechanics from physics which is simply the physical study of atomic and sub atomic particles. Just like how basic computers and calculators are used in solving algebra and calculus, there are new computers that can work on complex calculations. Quantum computers can process more data than traditional computers because they do calculations based on the probability of an object’s state before it is measured. Quantum computing uses quantum mechanics to provide a massive leap forward in computation to solve specific issues. They’re made to address problems that even today’s most powerful supercomputers can’t and won’t solve. They are used in solving variations of engineering calculations like quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, optimization problems, and sampling.

Edge Computing

ComputingTech for 2022

Data is an essential part of every organisation or any tech company which means there should be improvements in data are handled. Edge computing saves the day by bringing data analysis closer to the source. Edge computing is a type of computing that takes place on-site or close to a data source, reducing the need for data to be processed in a distant data center. Autonomous vehicles are an example of this. Predictive maintenance, in-hospital patient monitoring, virtualized radio networks and 5G (vRAN), and cloud gaming are also good examples.

Human Augmentation

Tech for 2022

Human augmentation is a computing field that focuses on technologies that increase human productivity and improve human body or thinking capabilities. Other human-augmentation technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, and mobile computing, function with specialized IT resources. Genetic modification, implants, or the use of external tools such as eyeglasses, “bionic” limbs, or other wearable technologies are examples of this. It is a branch of science concerned with the application of medicine or technology to increase human productivity or potential. As a result, this profession focuses on enhancing the human body’s capabilities. As a result, augmentation is a digital expansion of human skills that is interactive.

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