In this article, we have put together a list of the 7 best PC fighting games for 2022. Fighting games on PC have been in great demand over the years and show no sign of slowing down not just because there are more fighting games now, but because there are enough resources available online (video tutorials and guides). Nowadays, there are enough hardware controllers and high-quality graphics to let you enjoy your game better. If you’re just starting your journey as a gamer, here is an article on the best gaming laptops below $1500.
While we walk through this list of the 7 best PC fighting games for 2022 we’re confident of, opinions may differ on which is your favorite.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

This is a great fighting game that features DC comic book characters. Among these characters include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Green lantern. Each character uniquely has its distinct style of play, special moves, and individual abilities. Players select their favourite characters from the game to fight their opponents. This video fighting game features three-dimensional graphics for its character models and backgrounds making it very interesting to play.


Skullgirls is a fighting game based on imaginative and engaging art styles. This fighting game is built with great soundtracks and voice actings to enhance the user experience. Players can combat one another individually or in multiples. Players can also customize their attack strategies. Each fighter is unique in style.
This game’s setting rotates around the “Skull Heart”. The Skull Heart is an antique in the Skullgirls that award wishes to women based on whether the wish is considered “Pure” or her wish gets her transformed into a Skullgirl.

Street Fighter V

The Streetfighter V is a video game that features 16 characters with distinct personalities and fighting techniques. Unlike the previous versions of the Streetfighter game, there is no focus attack which used to be an easy move by characters to resist incoming attacks.
The Streetfighter V also features the V-Skills, a great replacement for the Ultra Combos in the Streetfighter IV. These V-Skills vary in function from one fighter character to another.

Mortal Kombat 11

The Mortal Kombat series remains one of the most interesting fighting games to date. It features relatable animations and expressions that will amaze any fighting game player.
Mortal Kombat 11 redefines the previous mechanics of each fighting character’s moves, combos, and finishing modes. It features a roster of 20 characters to select from about 60 skins, 90 pieces of customizable gears, and 10 techniques. It also features armor-breaking moves, flawless blocks, and defensive and offensive meters that get depleted by utilizing specific capacities.

Soul Calibur 6

The Soul Calibur 6 is another interesting fighting PC game developed by the Bandai Namco Studios Dimps cooperation and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and released in 2018. This weapon-based game has so many upgrades from the previous versions, each character has their attacks and special combos. You can also defend against attacks thrown at you by opponents.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The dragon ball fighter z was released on 26th January 2018. Dragon Ball FighterZ was developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game is a great fighting game, this game is not the first dragon ball game but this version comes with a lot of upgrades from the previous versions. It has the aerial combo-driven freneticism of Capcom vs. Marvel.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is unarguably the best PC fighting game for 2022 featuring the best combos, positioning, speed, and personalities you need in a fighting game. This fighting game features a new framework of arts and drives to enhance its user-friendly performance. The Arts are huge with super-moves to compete with opponents while Drives incline towards the combo-openers.