Early June, Apple inc. held its annual World Wide Developers Conference WWDC event in which it announced its new products including hardware and software. We saw many new features with a series of ios15 which includes the mask-unlock features even though it only works with iPhone12 above, there’s now iOS16.

One of the benefits of upgrading to a new Operating system version is not only because of features but also because it mostly fixes some hidden bugs from the previous version.

Part of the special moment of the event is the revealing of the new M2 processor chip, ios16, and new watchOS features. In this article, we’ll talk about all the new features that will come with the ios16; the available date and beta version; and phone compatible.

Lock screen experience

Ios16: Every New Features and Updates You should know about

In the new ios16 update there’s fascinating progress on the customization of your lock screen. This will give a dynamic, editable lock screen where you can change the wallpaper easily by long pressing; Edit the date and time appearance font, size, text, and design; customize the color and display of the entire lock screen; add widget to the lock screen.


Ios16: Every New Features and Updates You should know about

Due to the new lock screen update, your screen could get filled up with shortcut widgets already. Now, instead of adding notification to the filled screen, notifications won’t appear from the top anymore but the from the bottom end of your lock screen. You can then swipe up to view them or swipe down to minimize them.

Home app improvement

Your favorite home appliances and your room are now on your home tab with categories at the top bar which gives access to accessories like light, and security products. Also, if you have multiple home cameras, you can now view them in a multiple of 4 widget which gives access to view multiple cameras at once.


You can now dictate anywhere and at any moment, in a text or document. Dictation now works between text, when you are in the middle of typing and got tired, you can now dictate to fill up the rest of the text. Amazingly, you can switch back and forth between typing and dictation as the keyboard stays open while dictating.

Text from video

From the ios15 update, we saw how we can snap a signboard or a picture with text and copy the text out of the picture. The extraction has now extended to videos where you can pause a video and copy out a text from it. Also, I hope they would have improved the previous text from a picture so as to work better with all apps.

Fitness and Health

If you have a medication you need to use at a particular time, and you don’t want to miss out, you can simply log it on the new health app which will record if you have taken the drug yet. Also, the fitness app from the apple watch is now available on ios16.

Apple Map and Mail Updates

Now support multiple stops on map direction to fully schedule your movement around a particular direction. Also, you can ask Siri to indicate or mark a stop. For Apple Mail, you can now set reminders or schedules to reply to a particular mail, and undo messages so it won’t send anymore.

iOS 16 iMessage Updates

Send pictures in a message with no background just by long-pressing your saved image and drag to your iMessage tab or document. You can also use this if you want to rip an image off the background instead of going online to do so. On iMessage, you can now delete a message within 15mins after the message was sent, this will completely delete the message for both parties just like in WhatsApp and telegram.

Now we’ve seen some features which will be on the beta version, there could be additions in the full version; which we will update. What model of iPhones is compatible with the new iOS16? All iPhones produced after iPhone 7plus which means iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 are eligible to get the iOS16 updates.

How to install the IOS16 Beta version on your iPhone in 4 Steps

how to install the iOS beta

Method 1

Step 1: First things first, backup your data using iTunes by connecting to your PC. Go to settings, then general, scroll down to “VPN and Device management” if you already have any installed beta there, you can remove them to enable new downloads.

Step 2: To get the beta, you can subscribe as a developer on developer.apple.com which will make it available for download.

Step 3: Once you get on the developer page then you’ll install the iOS16 profile, then you go to your settings and click on “profile downloaded” which you’ll see the iOS16 profile and click on install; input your pass code; then it will bring “restart” option which you’ll tap on.

Step 4: Once your phone restarted, go to “software update” and your new OS will be ready for complete download. You can either install with your mobile data or WIFI, but make sure your phone is plugged throughout the installation.

Method 2

Step 1: Back up your phone data using iTunes by connecting to your PC, this is necessary as some updates might affect your data.

Step 2: Go to “Betaprofiles.com” on your safari and download the iOS 16 profile by clicking on “install profile”. The installed profile will appear on your settings as “profile downloaded” click on it and it will show up “iOS 16 Beta Software Profile”

Step 3: Install the profile, which will require you to restart your phone; once your phone is back on, go to settings >> general >> software update then download. You can either download with your mobile data or WIFI, but make sure your phone is plugged throughout the installation.

Step 4: Once the download is complete, install the update which will require a reboot of your phone.