Back in 2020, we saw the Release of the marvelous MacBooks with the M1 and M1 pro processors from apple inc. Ever since, the company has changed to its processor, rather than using the intel-core. However, there are still updates available for the intel-core laptops but of course, these updates are more functional for M-series. Before introducing the newly announced MacBook Air and Pro with the M2 processor (which will come with the MacBook 2020 air and Pro), let’s briefly take a look at why processors matter generally.

They are little chips with critical functionality that supervise all hardware/OS commands, such as input/output and other fundamental instructions. Its primary role is to process (as its name implies) an input command and output a result. These summarized your laptop or desktop computer’s whole performance. M1 is the first apple made laptop processor which stormed and amazed many people in the tech world with its capability.

Recently at the Apple WWDC event, the new M2 MacBook(s) (Air and Pro) were announced along with the iOS16, WatchOS, and new devices. Let’s take a look at the functionalities expected and announced for the new MacBook and its new M2 Processor.

M2 MacBook Design

M2 MacBook Air and Pro: Every New Feature and Important Updates You Should Know

The M2 Air is 20% Slimer (11.3 mm thin and weighs 2.7lbs) than the previous version (comes in 4 colors) and it doesn’t come in the normal sliding shape of previous versions. While the Pro version is much like the same size as the previous version, it still comes in 2 colors. The M2 air has a larger screen of 13.6” Liquid Retina display (2560 X 1664) with the notch screen design with thinner borders that gives large vertical spaces.

However, the 13.3-inch LED display (2560 X 1600) Pro still has thick borders and it still supports a 16.7 million color display while the M2 air supports a billion colors. For the speaker design, the Air version no longer has the speaker on the side and it has been increased to 4 stereo speaker systems while the pro version still maintains the previous speaker model. This will make the air louder and gives out more bass.

Web Cam

M2 Air has a more improvised webcam of 1080p resolution compared to the 720p resolution for the M2 Pro. This makes it twice as capable as the previous MacBook Air versions and with better low-life performance, the pro version seems the same as the previous version. Guess this is the MacBook air season to shine.

M2 MacBook Storage and Processor:

The M2 Macs are expected to come with up to 24GB RAM and 2TB SSD storage which is huge but similar to the M1 version. The Processor CPU now comes with an 8-core while the graphics now comes with a 10-core GPU capacity for gaming and heavy-duty.

M2 MacBook Battery:

Ok, the Pro version gets the trophy here. The M2 MacBook pro comes with a 52.6 watt-hour lithium polymer battery which can last up to 20 hours of simple usage; and 15 hours of wireless web usage. The M2 Pro still has the same battery life as the M1 which is still at 18hrs of simple usage. Though, the M2 Air now comes with the MagSafe fast charging that will reach 50% charge in 30 mins while the USB-C charger on pro will reach the same percent in like an hour.

Processor Speed

From the benchmark, it shows that the M2 chip has a 3.49Ghz CPU clock compared to the M1’s 3.2GHz CPU clock. Single-core performance gain has 11.56% up from M1 while the Multi-core performance gain has 18% above the M1.

M2 MacBook Price and Release Date

the M2 Air will start from a price of $1199 while the M2 Pro is said to start from a price of $1299 and they will be available for order by June 24 of this year.