The Android operating system is one of the most widely used phone software in the world and it’s incorporated into many mobile phone brands. You normally have inbuilt functionalities that change over time with each OS released, these functionalities are improved to make your phone operations faster and smarter. During the first release of Android phones around 2009, most features were new and amazing at that particular time even though what it does were basic (relative to the present features tips).

This is a sign of tech evolvement which is mostly by integration of multiple technological innovations into one which gives multiple features. Talking about multiple features, there are some you don’t even exist, this is mostly due to fixed usage of your phone. There are a lot of features that stand as either an alternative or easier way of operation, and most of which you’ve not or might never find out until now. Here are a few tips and tricks on the android OS to make operation faster, and smarter and improve productivity.

1. Editing text faster

When you type, mistakes are sometimes inevitable, and editing is quite easy, or at least, auto-correct helps sometimes. But have you had to change just a letter and you have to use your finger to keep selecting till you get the cursor to the letter you want to edit? That’s stressful, so instead, you click on the word and use your “space button” to swipe left and right to edit the letter.

2. Preview pages

By using google chrome, you can preview a page before completely opening it. Long press and select preview options which will open the page as a mirror on the current page.

3. google map incognito mode

Making use of this can give privacy from updating time tracki9ng apps or people you’ve shared your location with, as they won’t be able to track your new location.
To turn it on, switch n your iPhone or iPad, and open the Google Maps app Maps; In the top right, tap your profile picture; Tap Turn on Incognito mode. Also, you can turn on an incognito mode for any google app to prevent it from saving or tracking your history.

4. Location sharing Android Tips

If you’re on a trip or traveling, and you want to keep your family or loved ones updated about your whereabouts, it’s advisable you share your live location via social apps and messaging apps that support map sharing. The benefit is that the location won’t is static, but will update your movements so people you give your location access to can know where you are. Also, you can revoke the access or remove people you’ve shared your location with or set how long to share your location with Google Location Sharing.

To share your live location with people, add their Gmail address to your Google Contacts; open the Google Maps app maps and sign in; Tap your profile picture and then Location sharing and then New share – Add people; Choose how long you want to share your location; Tap the profile of the person with whom you want to share your location. If asked about your contacts, give Google Maps access. Lastly, tap Share.

5. Reading article Android Tips

Artificial intelligence integration that works like Siri is also available on android via google assistance which is also as functional as Siri. However, many people don’t know much about it or don’t even use it at all. It’s widely available and improved on android version 5.0 and above.

It works by simply long-pressing your home button (on-screen) and saying “Hey Google” followed by your command. What can you use google assistant for? Many actions include reading texts, getting lyrics to a song, calling a number, opening an app, sending a message, and more.

All these commands work by saying them and the AI will recognize your voice and words. For instance, you can highlight text and say “hey google, read out this text” or you can say “hey google, read out this article”.

The same works for other actions including when playing an unknown song, you can say “hey google, what’s this song” to get the song details just like in shazam. You can also check out what Siri can do, and use it on google assistance.

6. Android file extraction Tips

If you want to convert a file, like txt to pdf or mp4 to mp3, I could assume you go to google to directly search for it or use some software to run it. The power to do this is right in your hand especially if you use one of the latest android OS. You can easily change a file extension by long pressing on the file, and from the options, you’ll click on “rename” and you’ll change the extension to a new file type; like .mp4 to .mp3 and this is reversible.

7. Tips to Pin Apps on Android

Sometimes, you might want to give someone your phone to use a particular app or want to give your kids to watch YouTube. In a situation like this, they might mistakenly minimize to another app or invade your privacy on the next app. Here is a tip on android that can help you make an app static, or pinned. You can simply activate this by tapping on the “recent” (minimizing) icon on your screen, long click on the app icon (at the top) then select “pin this app”

8. Tips to stop ads

Ads are annoying and disruptive especially when browsing or on a free trial. You don’t need a third-party android app to put a stop to this, all you need to do is go to settings; search for private DNS, and type in “”