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Computer devices are considered to be widely available across each sector. Almost every sector now has to use software or computer to do stuff and work. The laptop makes it easier as it is portable and capable of performing any operation (depending on the in-built capacity). The computer is generally in two functioning categories which are widely known as hardware and software. They work inter-operationally as your hardware cant produce functionalities on their own. Chromebook vs laptop.

The way the hardware responds and all you see on your laptop screen are run by the operating system (OS). The Operating System (OS) is a piece of software that serves as a bridge between computer hardware and software. A computer’s operating system (OS) controls all programming activities, including memory, input, processing, and output responsibilities.

There are different types of Laptop OS run by different brands, but the most popular is the window OS found in devices like HP, Asus, DELL, etc… While the other popular one is the MacOS for Apple MacBook. However, there’s an OS from google which was released in 2011 though not mainstream till some years back when it’s now getting incorporated into laptops. The laptop which they are incorporated is known as the Chromebook. They are some sort of new kind of system which can get any basic activities done perfectly, and yes, they are very budget-friendly. Let’s take a look at how it’s different from the general “laptops”

1 The Operating Software

As stated earlier, the Operating system defines the type of appearance and functions you’ll get on your laptop. The Chromebook OS, unlike other Laptop OS, has a wide range of limits in software, or capability. The OS is made for the bare necessities and functions similarly to Android, where almost all of the included apps are made by Google. Your new Chromebook is simple to set up. You can access all of your Google Drive files and Chrome preferences on your new Chromebook by logging into your Google Account.

2 Design and Battery

Despite that chrome is just an OS, most Chromebook devices mostly don’t have sleek designs or hardware like other laptops. They are for basic functionalities with a simple design but still have a very convenient keyboard set for typing. The Chromebook devices are more like notebook pads as they are mostly portable, light, and basic designs.  However, the designs are improving, and many companies like Acer, and Samsung are incorporating the OS into their notebooks. Though the low-cost ones will still maintain basic designs as it’s more of a student notebook. A major Pro of the Chromebook over a laptop is that they do come with a lasting battery. Up to 12 hours of work and pleasure are possible on a single charge. You don’t even need to remember your charger when using a Chromebook.

Chromebook vs Laptop: Pros and Cons Differences

3. Functionality & Purpose

Chrome is not made for heavy-duty, they are mainly for basic stuff like movies, typing, lite gaming, browsing the internet, reading, etc. You can basically perform most things on your android phone with the addition of a larger screen. The memory size and type of Chromebook are mostly small compared to other laptops.

They mostly run between 64GB to 256GB with 4GB RAM which could perform every basic operation though. However, it’s a fast device when it comes to performance as they don’t use HDD, they use SSD or EEMC storage instead for local file storage. The Chromebook will technically fulfill your purpose if you are going for non-heavy-duty work like graphic design, video editing, or heavy gaming. However, the ChromeOS devices will improve over the years, but they are currently one the best options for college students even if you code as a student.

4. Supported Apps and Programs

The chrome book like many other laptops obviously doesn’t support Microsoft office, or Microsoft assets or programs. However, you can get great apps from the google play store which comes with it including google alternatives for word, MS Excel, and Powerpoint. You can also get access to store your data and files on google cloud storage. Accessible is also available by voice or keyboard. Google Assistant on Chromebook helps you multitask, and control smart devices. Another featured specialty is that you need not bother about getting additional security software. Built-in virus protection defends your Chromebook from malware automatically.

5. Price

Compared to laptops even if they have the same specifications, the Chromebook will still have a lower price. You can presently get a Chromebook for as low as $200 for any brand. This is obviously due to its market target as it’s mostly for students, light coders, or for entertainment. In shorts, you should get Chromebook if you are a college student, light coding, not so heavy usage, and seeking budget-friendly functional laptops.

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