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Fitness doesn’t end at the gym, indoor exercises, or by playing virtual reality games. It stretches across actual outdoor events like swimming, outdoor events, hiking, biking, and more. Biking might feel like riding but when you do that on rough or non-straight terrains, it will require the use of more forces. When you are cycling through such terrain at a certain speed, it will stimulate and improve your heart, and lungs and reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. You could do this in the gym of course, but cycling and hiking are more social and fun and provides even more value with electric gravel bikes.

Particular cycling bikes are useful for this, such as the gravel bike, while you are riding across various terrains, whether bumpy or smooth. Gravel bikes are distinct from conventional bikes in that they don’t have a shock or suspension fork. Due to their stiffness, they are quite efficient for long rides on gravel and dirt roads. Electric gravel bikes are particularly designed or constructed to be ridden comfortably on steep terrains, rough gravel roads, off-roading trails, and paved highways. Not only are they amazing devices, but they are also pricey. However, there are still companies that provide excellent electric gravel bikes at reasonable prices; here are 8 of them in 2022.

1. ViVi Foldable Electric bikes

 A 350W high-speed brushless motor put on the back wheel of an electric bike boosts the vehicle’s ability to climb hills and provides enough power for everyday commuting, mountain climbing, and winding through favorite trails. Comfortable riding is made possible by shock absorption that is simple to fold and store. With its anti-slip tires, it can easily adjust to different surfaces, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking. The 36V 8AH replaceable battery offers riding distances of 22–25 miles in e-bike mode and 44–50 miles in assisted mode. It also supports charging in under 4 hours. You may charge the e-bike either while riding it or while not. T Three riding modes are conveniently switchable with the LED smart meter button for long-distance enjoyment and workout.

2. Mongoose Adventure Bike

A gorgeous embroidered patch and all the necessary bike gear are included in the integrated frame bag. Two panniers may be carried more easily thanks to the large front rack, and the rear rack mount increases carrying capacity even more. This touring bike has adventure bike geometry, an aluminum frame, and a steel fork for the best ride, in addition to its capacity for racks. Shimano Tourney derailleurs, an integrated Micro shift shifter/brake lever, and mechanical disc brakes are all included in the 2×7 drivetrain. The three different water bottle cage mounts that are available will also keep you hydrated while hiking.

3. Aostrimotor Electric Bike

A mountain bike with a 750W motor, powerful drive, extended lifespan, and a replaceable 13Ah 48V lithium battery. Approximately 4-6 hours are needed to fully charge the battery. The battery may be charged at any household outlet on or off the bike and is extremely secure when riding. To enjoy long-distance travel or exercise, you may select or mix any one of three modes with the electric bike. A wide 26 * 4-inch fat tire provides exceptional grip to easily navigate a variety of surfaces, including beaches, snow, gravel, and more. Front light, SW-U-LCD, suspension fork, F/R disc brake, and luggage rack are all included in the technical equipment. Additionally, a USB connector for charging your phone while traveling is located under the meter.

4. Hittroad Gravel Bike

A dependable 350W Bafang motor on an electric bike allows you to travel 7 miles in 15 minutes at a peak speed of 20 mph. When riding on a full battery, the vehicle has a range of 26–40 miles at 20 mph on the throttle, and it can support a weight of 309 pounds with level 3 flat-surface pedal assist. Whether you’re planning a cross-country journey or just need a quick charge to go home on your electric bike. The motor is built to prevent overheating when traveling over uneven terrain. Additionally, it has front and rear fenders to shield the tires from snow and rain.

5. VeelFella Electric Bike

A 48V 13AH big capacity battery, a 7-hour charging cycle, and a range of 60 to 80 miles or more are offered by Veelfella Electric Bicycle. Aluminum 6061 alloy frame that maintains rigidity while allowing for the assembly’s overall lightweight. The 27.5″ x 2.8″ tires operate with extremely little air pressure, providing a smooth ride across mountainous and challenging terrain. You can easily manipulate electric controls because they are within reach. The ergonomically designed handlebar of the Veelfella electric bicycle can be held at the proper position for a long time.

6. Philodo Mountain Bike   

Electric gravel bikes are outfitted with a 1000W high-speed brushless motor. This helps them reach speeds of up to 31 MPH and gives them considerable power and climbing skills. A bike with a long riding range of 27 to 40 miles can be powered by a huge 48V 13Ah battery. Power lock and battery lock are functional. Fast charge takes 6-7 hours. You may add a waterproof detachable battery while it’s in use to reduce the chance of theft. You will feel less worn out thanks to tough front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a locking suspension fork. Any sort of terrain may be traversed while riding in either pure electric, pedal-assist, or classic bike modes.

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