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Are gaming laptops worth it? We are now at the point where gaming laptops are clearly better than the average laptop. They are smaller, do not make as much noise as gaming consoles, and have amazing screens. Every year, gaming laptops improve thanks to new processors, graphics cards, screens, and other features. Purchasing a gaming laptop is similar to purchasing any other electronic device. It is only a smart move if it meets your specific needs. For instance, except you play games or work remotely, most people do not need a desktop PC, let alone a powerful one. Having an expensive PC that you only use for 1-2 hours a day is just about a waste of money, and an average laptop would fit better into your budget and align with your needs.
These are important factors to consider before purchasing your gaming laptops, and then you can decide if gaming laptops are truly worth it.

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Gaming laptops Pros

  • Gaming laptops are very portable: Over the last few years, gaming laptops have become relatively small and light, making them easy to carry around. This particular attribute allows you to play your favorite games from anywhere you are. This is not possible with a console or a desktop PC.
  • Gaming laptops are versatile: Gaming laptops give more functionalities compared to standard laptops. They are ideal for remote workers and students that want to balance work/study with gaming. With a gaming laptop, you can write articles and perform tasks that require less energy.
  • Gaming laptops have access to a wide range of games: Consoles are known to have the best games because it is solely a gaming platform. In reality, they have a much smaller collection of games than Windows-based PCs and laptops. In terms of actual numbers, the PlayStation collection boasts a library of about 4,000 games. In comparison, the Steam store alone has over 10,000 Windows games. Also, many of today’s best and most popular games are not available on gaming consoles, including games like Escape from Tarkov and League of Legends.
  • Gaming laptops have excellent connectivity: Gaming laptops have multiple ports that allow you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. They provide more than enough processing capacity to support two or three additional displays, giving you a desktop experience. The average laptop will quickly overheat if you try to play a game on one display while working on another one.

Gaming laptops Cons

  • Gaming laptops are usually expensive: Gaming laptops are much more expensive compared to desktop gaming computers and consoles. This is because a lot of hardware is fixed into the small laptop chassis. High-end gaming laptops typically cost about $1,250. Moreover, depending on the gaming laptop manufacturer and extra features such as VR readiness, this price can rise to $3,000 or even more. Considering a PlayStation 4 console can be purchased for about $400, the cost is high.
  • Gaming laptops are difficult to upgrade: While gaming laptops can certainly meet today’s increasingly competitive gaming specifications, they are difficult to upgrade. A gaming PC allows you to replace and add new parts over time, so if you wish to replace damaged components or upgrade your graphics card, you don’t have to buy a completely new machine. Only a few gaming laptops can be tweaked. It is usually impossible to make significant changes to your laptop setup when you are not an expert.
  • Gaming laptops generate a lot of heat: Gaming laptops cram high-end GPUs into their small size. This implies that the GPU will create more heat than the laptop’s cooling capacity. As a result, you cannot use the gaming laptop on your lap while playing games. You will also need to purchase a laptop cooling pad to keep the heat at bay. It is necessary to keep the pipe of your gaming laptop away from wires as they can quickly melt.

Conclusion – Are gaming laptops worth it?

So, is it worthwhile to invest in a gaming laptop? Whether you should buy a gaming laptop is a personal decision, and while there are undoubtedly benefits to doing so, there are also drawbacks. Flexibility aside, a desktop computer is probably a better option. However, if you are frequently on the go or require a PC that is portable and usable everywhere, a gaming laptop is the appropriate answer for you.

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