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In the early days of media consumption, MP3 was the prevalent media format that was easily accessible and could play on almost all devices. MP3 devices were cheap and easy to find around. Also, a lot of vehicles were designed to play MP3 files. Over the years, there has been a shift to the MP4 format. This is because of its multimedia nature and the capabilities of smartphones and handheld devices. It is easier for devices nowadays to encode video, audio, and other features such as subtitles. To play an MP4 file in a car or other MP3 players, you need to convert the MP4 files to MP3. Below are the best MP4 to MP3 converters available online.


Zamzar is a free online converter that does not require software downloads or installations. It works on all platforms and provides a great user experience during multimedia conversions, including MP4 to MP3 conversions. Zamzar is very straightforward to use, as the three-step process on its homepage will take you straight to the end of the conversion. To convert, the uploaded files must be less than 50MB in size. Although the conversion speed is not the fastest, you can leave your email address on the site, and Zamzar will notify you when the conversion is complete.

MP3 Toolbox

The MP3 Toolbox is an excellent option for those who are not entirely comfortable with converting one file to another. Its simple interface has instructions that make each conversion simple. The large red button in the middle of the screen represents the first step in the conversion process, and there are no confusing features on the page to complicate the process. You only need to select the MP4 file, and the site will convert it to MP3. Following the conversion, you have the option of downloading the MP3 file or sharing it on SoundCloud or other social media. The only drawback is that MP3Toolbox only accepts MP4 input and outputs MP3. MP3 Toolbox is not for you if you want to convert other video formats to MP3 or other audio formats. If all you need is MP4 to MP3 conversion, MP3Toolbox is a simple and quick solution.


ConverFiles allows you to convert almost any file format into another file format. It’s an online-based platform with an easy-to-use interface. Although it may seem simple, it has a lot going for it. Users can select the file they want to convert by URL or upload. Users can specify formats and request a download link for the converted file emailed to them. When large conversions are taking place, this platform is a great solution.


Another great online free MP4 to MP3 converter is the Online-Convert. It only takes a few clicks to convert the required video to MP3. You can also upload the MP4 file from your local drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL. What makes Online-Convert unique is that you can change the audio characteristics before converting, such as changing the audio bitrate, reducing audio channels, trimming audio, and more, to create a customized mp3 format. One thing to keep in mind is that Online-Convert only accepts files up to 100MB in size and limits conversions to 20 per day. And free users will only be able to convert at a medium speed.

Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is a new and creative online-based conversion tool. The site is well-designed, and converting MP4 to MP3 is user-friendly. The platform has a lot of depth, as it supports over 200 different file format conversions. It is original for a web-based product in that it supports batch conversion of MP4 to MP3 files. Cloud Covert allows up to 10 conversions per day with a daily limit of 100 MB without requiring you to sign up. You get up to 25 conversions if you fill out a short registration form, but you are limited to 1 GB.

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