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The financial sector is one of the most relevant sectors in any country as it’s well-paid irrespective of the level. Not only banking, but every company needs financial assistance which includes analysis and forecasting. Tech also has a huge role in the finance sector, in terms of analysis and modeling. Technology provides many advantages in the financial services industry, including better security, speed, ease, coverage, and client experience. Different technologies have been applied in the sector.

Digital banking, big data and artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity solutions are a few of them. Skills like Excel, PowerBI, Python, and more data science skills will get you into the financial sector. These skills will be useful in the sector as a Data analyst, scientist, or engineer. Here’s how to start a career in finance with no prior experience and only skills.

1. Learn Skills and Take Courses

Financial skills can be learned both as a school degree or with online resources. Skills like Project management, financial analysis, Data science, Data Analysis, Financial market, and investment theory can be gained from free and paid online courses. You can get started with platforms like Coursera, or Udemy which will come with completion and confidence certifications. It’s advisable you have a roadmap and use complete courses that have high ratings so as not to get confused along the line. The road map should be focused on your goal in a detailed step that will give a feasible result.

2. Advance your Skill with Projects

Learning financial skills doesn’t end at online completion but also includes making it a passion. This includes constant practicing on what you’ve learned and most especially solving real-world problems. For instance, if you are a financial or data analyst, you could use some country’s development data or index for analysis to work on under different scenarios. This will boost your approach to real-life financial situations and how to go about them. It will also be favorable for your improvement to being a solution for any company you want to work for.

3. Utilize existing networks

Knowing people and communicating with them about their skills and experience can land you a career with no experience. If they are active or work in the financial sector, you could make inquiries from them about their journey, activities at work, work nature, and how they maximize value at the workplace. Another important incite you could get from them is interview formats and job security processes which will brace you up for your first job processing. You can also meet many people from online communities who are ready to answer every of your financial career questions like on the r/financial (edit) on Reddit.

4. Use Freelancing Websites and LinkedIn

Freelancing for example helps develop your skills while you earn and learn at the same time. This also gives you a free way of handling activities as you get paid more than your starting value without prior experience. Freelancing platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr are good for a total beginner to apply for entry jobs. Though the job might be quite low pay, it is worth it. You’ll use the chance to gain more experience in advanced financial situations. Also, LinkedIn is a go-to for every beginner, where you can update your skills on profiles and apply for available jobs by searching.

5. Preparing for the Interview

If you want to start your career to work permanently with a company, then you have to prepare yourself for a good interview. Even without experience, some companies recruit at the entry level. You need to make research about them to know and if you get people online to fill you in on their interview methods and what you need to know. If you are seeking to start with financial tech aspects like Data science, analysis, or Data engineering. You might need to get some projects done on your own to boost their trust in you.

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