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High income is a big motivator before considering a career path. It is okay to consider a career because of your desired lifestyle.
Technology is a fast-growing industry that offers several benefits, including competitive salaries, and personal fulfillment. There are many great opportunities in the technology field that do not even require a degree.
However, getting a high paying tech job requires skills, requirements, and experience.  Here are the top 5 highest paying tech jobs, including their average salaries and job requirements.

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Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Let’s check on the highest paying tech jobs that don’t require college degrees:

  1. Systems Architect – $125,129
  2. IT Security Manager – $120,103
  3. Cloud Engineer – $110,642
  4. Data Science – $106,217
  5. Product Manager – $102,262

Systems Architect

Systems Architects design, implement and maintain networking and computer systems. The Systems architect also plans and operates the hardware, software, intranet and internet connections, servers, and security of the computer systems within an organization. They also consider the available resources, user experience, and budget to determine the company’s computing needs.

Job Requirements
1. Strong Programming knowledge.
2. Experience in building and maintaining services that comprise modern SaaS products.
3. Experience in leading software projects.

Job Responsibilities
1. Analyze computer systems (hardware, software, networks).
2. Maintenance of IT systems.
3. Recommend solutions to project teams.

IT Security Manager

IT security managers are responsible for planning and implementing IT programs to protect organizations from cyber threats, as well as leading other IT security professionals. They also predict, identify and prevent security threats and other cyber-attacks.

Job Requirements
1. Cyber Security Certifications.
2. Ability to report and plan emergency responses.
3. Solid knowledge of Operating Systems and Cloud Security.

Job Responsibilities
1. Research and implement the latest IT security trends.
2. Maintain and update all security measures and technologies.
3. Hire, train, and supervise other IT security professionals.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer is an IT professional responsible for the technological aspects of cloud computing, such as design, planning, maintenance, and deployment. They also develop cloud applications, debug, and migrate existing on-premise applications to the cloud.

Job Requirements
1. Working experience building cloud automation tools.
2. Excellence in analytical skills.
3. Strong programming knowledge.

Job Responsibilities
1. Collaborate with other team members to deliver projects and integrations for cloud services.
2. Good at writing codes and working with cloud automation software to deliver automated solutions.
3. Implement and improve cloud automation.

Data Science

A data scientist fetches information from various sources and analyzes it to make future projections. The data scientist uses analytical, statistical, and AI tools to automate specific processes and proffer solutions to business challenges.

Job Requirements
1. Good at mathematics and statistics.
2. Good programming knowledge.
3. Experience with data visualization tools.

Job Responsibilities
1. Data cleansing, processing, and analysis.
2. Create projections using machine learning and AI tools.
3. Tackle challenges and propose solutions.

Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for product planning and execution by analyzing consumers’ needs. They also collaborate with the engineering, marketing, and sales departments to launch and drive products.

Job Requirements
1. Good technical background.
2. Problem-solving skills and abilities.
3. Good written and verbal communication skills.

Job Responsibilities
1. Develop product strategies and roadmap.
2. Study and analyze consumer market trends.
3. Work with other team members in using available resources to drive product.

Conclusion – Highest paying tech jobs that don’t require a college degree

Many fields in the tech industry pay well. Even though some of the highest paying jobs do not require a college degree, they all require certain requirements. There is a general misconception that people think every tech job requires programming skills. However, this is not correct. There are jobs in tech that require no coding or programming knowledge.
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