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Battery life is one of the most important parts of any gadget, literally the most important. If your gadget has all functionalities that exist, without a good battery, or one with maximum capacity, the specifications could be useless. Battery capacity is important, so as is its management. When you get a brand new gadget, the battery is at its peak level of performance, the longevity now depends on your usage statistics. Apple products make tracking this performance easy as every one of their gadgets comes with battery capacity percentages. This % reduces as time goes on, the rate of reduction depends on usage. For instance, a phone that gets hot frequently will have drastically reduced battery performance in a few months. This applies not just to mobile phones but to other gadgets like the apple watch battery life. However, there are always tips and tricks for everything, right? And here are the top 5 simple tricks to help maximize your apple watch battery life.

1. Using Power Saving and Reserve Mode

First things first, the apple gadgets power savers do work, effectively even. Whenever you are not using your apple watch for maybe workout or extensive duty, it should be in power-saving mode. The power-saving mode will turn off certain features to extend the battery life. Since it’s just on your wrist, you basically just need time, temperature, and movement activities which you would be able to see using power saving or reserved mode.

2. Screen Brightness Moderation

Screen brightness uses more power and when it goes on for a long, the watch gets heated up and the battery weakens. You can adjust brightness under display and settings or via the iPhone apple watch app.

3. Auto-lock

The more screen time your gadgets use, the more battery they suck up, and infect, if you check the iPhone battery usage sometimes, you’d realize the screen time gets more battery usage. This can be solved either by constantly locking after usage or setting the to a low time interval for the lock. For the watch screen, the ideal time interval shouldn’t be more than a minute. Once you aren’t using it, it will lock off instantly and save your battery life.

4. Software Update

Every software update of apple devices brings about more reliable battery preservation. Though the battery is hardware, this software will regulate the way your apps and another running OS will use less battery. Most of these updates solve the previously updated OS bugs, which could include battery issues.

5. Activity tracking and Notification reduction

You can either stop tracking activities altogether or track fewer of them you ain’t using. On your Apple Watch, go to the Notifications settings and disable any unused notifications. You might not need notifications you can get on your phone every time. Reduction in both will lead to a reduction in screen time, and vibration which both reduces the battery life in the long run.

6. Put off Raise to wake features

The screen won’t turn on every time you move your wrist if you disable the Raise to Wake feature. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, select Display & Brightness, and then disable Wake on Wrist Raise and Wake On Crown Rotation if you don’t want your Apple Watch to wake when you raise your wrist or rotate the Digital Crown.

7. Regularly charge your battery

Always leave your watch on its charger if you won’t be wearing it for a few days. A watch can be maintained on its charger indefinitely without harming the battery or the watch because it cannot be overcharged. However, letting a Lion battery run down can damage it.

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