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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S series stands out as the flagship contender to Apple’s iPads in the Androidverse. If you’re looking to purchase an Android equivalent to the Apple iPad, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series is your best bet. Although prospective buyers may want to reconsider before purchasing the current iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series as an upgraded version could be on the horizon.

Our two cents on this is to wait it out as the anticipation around the new Tab S9 series release builds. Knowing the big guy Samsung, the Tab S9 is undoubtedly packed with enhancements and improvements that are definitely worth waiting for. So, here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series.

Models, Release Date, and Price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Possible models

Reports indicate that Samsung has exciting plans for its upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 series, which is expected to feature three distinct models. These models include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 series follows a similar pattern as the recently introduced Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup and the previous Galaxy Tab S8 series.

Notably, Dutch publication GalaxyClub has leaked some intriguing model numbers associated with the upcoming tablet series, hinting at the diverse range of options that Samsung plans to offer.

According to the leaked publication, the Tab S series is rumored to include the following models:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 — SM-X710 for the Wi-Fi version, SM-X716B for the 5G Global variant, and SM-X718U for the 5G US edition. 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ — SM-X810 for the Wi-Fi version, SM-X816B for the 5G Global variant, and SM-X818U for the 5G US edition. 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra — SM-X910 for the Wi-Fi version, SM-X916B for the 5G Global variant, and SM-X918U for the 5G US edition.

Release date

Last year, Samsung made a notable move by unveiling the Galaxy Tab S8 series in conjunction with the highly anticipated launch of the Galaxy S22 smartphone series. Surprisingly, when Samsung introduced the S23 earlier this year, it refrained from announcing any new additions to its tablet lineup, breaking character, so to say.

Nevertheless, we’re not entirely clueless about what the big guy has in store for us. Samsung is reportedly preparing for a highly anticipated event on July 26, where they are expected to unveil the Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Z Flip 5.


Regarding the pricing details, no leaks or rumors have surfaced regarding the expected cost of the Galaxy Tab S9 series. As of now, Samsung has not officially confirmed the price for these new tablets. However, we can draw some insights by reflecting on past product launches, which might offer clues about the potential pricing strategy.

Here are the introductory prices for recent Samsung tablet releases.

Series ModelLaunch Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7$649/£619
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+$849/£799
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE$529/£449
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8$699/£649
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+$899/£849
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra$1,099/£999

Extrapolating from the product price history, it would be reasonable to anticipate that the Galaxy Tab S9 series will likely be priced in a similar range as the S8 models. 

However, there might be a slight possibility of a modest price increase, given the recent inflation challenges accosting the global financial landscape.

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Design and Build of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

The Tab S9+

CAD renders, shared by the trusted leaker OnLeaks (via WolfofTablet), indicate that the Tab S9+ will feature a design reminiscent of the Galaxy Tab S8+.

Referencing the render, we expect the tablet to sport slim bezels on the front that inevitably contributes to an immersive viewing experience. You can also anticipate a sleek and premium matte aluminum chassis that’ll deliver that high-end feel.

That said, there are subtle differences in the observed camera arrangement as Samsung has incorporated individual camera sensors protruding from the back of the tablet. This design choice aligns with the aesthetics seen in the S23 series, departing from a single large camera bump.

Regarding other aspects, the tablet will retain the Tab S series’ convenient magnetic silo on the back for storing the S Pen stylus. It will also feature a USB-C port located at the bottom for convenient connectivity, along with quad-speaker grills to deliver an enhanced audio experience.

The Tab S9 Ultra

In more recent developments, leaked renders of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra were shared by OnLeaks (via MySmartPrice). These renders reveal that the Tab S9 Ultra will also maintain a similar design-build to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Consequently, you can expect a generous 14.6-inch display on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, featuring a notch at the front. The tablet will also include a magnetic S-Pen holder on the back for convenience, as usual, along with distinct dual-camera rings on the rear.

According to reports, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is also expected to maintain the exact dimensions as its predecessor, the Tab S8 Ultra. However, there will be a slight increase in weight, with the tablet tipping the scales at approximately 737 grams.

The Tab S9

As of now, there have been no leaks of the renders for the standard Galaxy Tab S9 model. The details regarding its design and features are yet to be revealed.

But if the Tab S9 Ultra and S9+ are anything to go by, we can extrapolate that the Tab S9 will feature a design-build similar to the Tab S8 but with more pronounced design specs.

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Display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

According to reports and reliable display analyst Ross Young, the upcoming regular Tab S9 model from Samsung is set to receive a display upgrade this year. 

Young projects that the Tab S9 will feature an 11-inch Super AMOLED panel, deviating from the LCDs found in the previous regular variants of the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S7 models. According to leaks(OnLeaks and Ice Universe), Samsung will likely maintain the 12.4-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,752 x 2,800 pixels from the Tab S8+ for the Tab S9+ model. 

Conversely, the Tab S9 Ultra is rumored to boast the same massive 14.6-inch display, with a resolution of 1960 x 1,848.

Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Samsung understands the need for powerful processors to compete with Apple’s iPad lineup, and the Tab S9 reflects this commitment. The entire Tab S9 series will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, known for its impressive performance. With its proven capabilities, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will handle demanding tasks effortlessly, ensuring a seamless and powerful user experience on the Galaxy Tab S9. Additionally, renowned leaker Ice Universe has shared additional details about the Tab S9 Ultra. 

Here is a brief overview of the rumored specifications for the Tab S9 series:

SpecSamsung Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy Tab
S9S9+S9 Ultra
DimensionsN/A285.4 x 185.4 x 5.6mm208.6 x 326.4 x 5.5mm
IP RatingIP67IP67IP68
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 2Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Display11-inch, AMOLED12.4-inch, AMOLED, 1,752 x 2,80014.6-inch, AMOLED, 2,960 x 1,848
OSAndroid 13, One UI 5.1Android 13, One UI 5.1Android 13, One UI 5.1
Battery & charging8,500mAhN/A11,200mAh, 45W charging

Thus far, the information available regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series is limited. As the release date approaches, we anticipate more details will emerge that will provide a comprehensive understanding of the tablets’ features and specifications.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series — What We Hope to See

Now, let’s delve into our expectations for the next generation of Samsung tablets. 

Here’s what we hope to see:

Upgraded Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX has made significant strides in transforming the Galaxy Tab into a versatile computing device. However, despite its advancements, the DeX mode still presents certain limitations compared to what traditional laptop operating systems like Windows or Chrome OS have to offer in terms of functionality.

Elevating the DeX mode experience is a top priority on our wishlist for this new  Galaxy Tab S’s next iteration. We eagerly anticipate Samsung’s efforts to enhance the responsiveness and usability of the DeX mode on the Galaxy Tab S9. As they strive to provide a seamless and intuitive interface that closely emulates the experience of using a traditional laptop. Hopefully, we’ll see the Galaxy Tab S9 become an even more compelling laptop replacement option.

Bundled Keyboard Offering

Samsung has already outpaced Apple by including the S Pen in the box with the Galaxy Tab S8, providing added value to users. However, to further enhance the appeal of their tablets and entice customers, the company could consider including a keyboard cover as part of the package. This would offer users a complete productivity solution, making it even more enticing for those seeking a laptop-like experience.

By incorporating the keyboard cover accessory, Samsung would further augment the versatility and productivity of the device. When combined with the included S Pen, this addition would significantly enhance the tablet’s appeal. This is especially so for professionals who require a portable and efficient device while on the go. Including a keyboard cover would transform the tablet into a comprehensive solution for work-related tasks, empowering users to type, create, and multitask effortlessly.

Affordable pricing

To maintain competitiveness in the tablet market, Samsung should contemplate offering the Galaxy Tab S9 at a more affordable price point. By doing so, the device would become accessible to a broader audience. Thus positioning itself as an enticing choice for individuals seeking a premium tablet without straining their budget. This strategic pricing approach would not only enhance the tablet’s appeal. It will also enable Samsung to capture a larger market share and cater to the diverse needs of potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Which is the latest tab of Samsung?

Samsung unveiled its most recent mobile innovation, the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro, during a launch event on August 31, 2022.

Can I put a SIM card in a tablet?

Yes, tablets typically have a SIM card slot or support eSIM functionality.

Which is better, a tablet or a phone?

A tablet offers a larger screen size and enhanced processing power compared to a smartphone. This makes it more convenient and productive, especially for tasks requiring multitasking and increased display space.

Is Samsung S9 waterproof?

The Samsung S9 and S9+ smartphones have an IP68 rating, making them highly resistant to fresh water. They can withstand being submerged up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. This water-resistant feature eliminates the need for additional protective cases and covers. Additionally, the S9 and S9+ are also protected against dust particles, ensuring durability in various environments.

Is Samsung or iPhone camera better?

When capturing photos in low light conditions and engaging in macro photography, the Samsung device demonstrates its prowess by consistently delivering slightly superior results. However, in the domain of Portrait mode, the iPhone manages to maintain a slight edge over its counterpart. Both models excel in terms of video quality, providing impressive footage. Nevertheless, the Samsung device shines with its remarkable flexibility, offering users a more comprehensive range of options.

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series shows great potential with anticipated upgrades and improvements. From enhanced displays to powerful processors and refined designs, these tablets promise a compelling user experience. Stay tuned for official launch updates and further information on these highly anticipated devices.

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