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In December 2023, Google introduced its innovative AI model, Gemini. This leap forward, highlighted by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, marks a crucial moment in tech evolution, with AI set to impact our lives more than anything else we’ve seen before. Let’s delve into this new AI technology and explore what it offers.

What is Gemini?

Gemini is Google’s newest AI model, created by two of Google’s teams: DeepMind and Google Research. What makes Gemini stand out is its ability to work with different types of information, not just text. This AI can understand and solve problems from sounds, images, videos, computer codes, and texts in many languages.

What is Gemini?

Unlike Google’s large language model LaMDA, which learned from text only, Gemini was trained on a mix of sounds, images, videos, codes, and texts from different languages. What sets Gemini apart from LaMDA is its ability to understand and generate content beyond just text. While Gemini’s understanding of images, audio, and other modalities is still limited, it is a step forward in multimodal AI. This broad learning base makes Gemini more adaptable. Even though Gemini is still learning, it is a big step in the exciting world of AI.

Features of Google AI. What can Gemini do?

The Gemini family has three versions to meet our needs: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano. Each model can do different things, like understanding speech, making captions for pictures and videos, and even creating art. Let’s check out what each model offers:

Gemini Ultra

Gemini Ultra, the base model of the trio, is only available to a select group of users within certain Google apps and services. Its full capabilities are expected to launch later this year. Google claims Gemini Ultra will assist in academic tasks, like physics homework, by solving problems step-by-step and identifying errors in completed work. It’s also said to help in finding and extracting information from scientific papers to update charts with new data.

Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro is publicly accessible today, but its functionality varies depending on its application. It debuted in Bard, where it outperforms its predecessor, LaMDA, in reasoning and understanding. However, users have encountered issues with its accuracy, especially with math problems and factual information. Google plans to expand its use for creating conversational agents and improving search and recommendation features in the future.

Gemini Nano

Gemini Nano is a scaled-down version that’s efficient enough to operate on mobile devices. It currently supports features like summarizing audio recordings and powering smart replies in messaging apps.

How to use Gemini, Google’s AI

Whether you’re a developer, a tech enthusiast, or just someone curious about the future of AI, Gemini offers an array of possibilities to explore.

How to use Gemini, Google's AI

Here’s a guide to getting started with Gemini and making the most of it.

As a Developer or Tech Professional

  1. Get to Know Gemini Pro: As a developer, you can start by exploring Gemini Pro through Google’s Vertex AI. This platform allows you to integrate Gemini Pro’s advanced AI capabilities into your applications.
  2. Experiment with the API: Google offers access to Gemini through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), making it easier for developers to incorporate Gemini’s functionalities into other software solutions.

As a Consumer or Tech Enthusiast

  1. Gemini-Powered Features on Google Devices: If you own Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, you’re already equipped to experience Gemini Nano’s capabilities. Features like Summarize in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard are practical examples of how Gemini’s AI enhances everyday tasks. Engage with these features to see AI in action.
  2. Google Services: As Gemini continues to integrate into more Google apps and services, stay curious and try out new features. Whether it’s a more intelligent search assistant, enhanced voice recognition, or more accurate photo captions, these services will give you a firsthand look at Gemini’s evolving capabilities.

Conclusion: The Future with Google’s New AI, Gemini

Gemini is just the beginning. Google plans to make it even better, with more features and abilities. This means we can look forward to new ways of using technology that make our lives easier. From transforming education and research to personalizing technology in ways we’ve only dreamed of; Gemini promises to revolutionize our personal technology experiences. The future with Gemini isn’t just about what it can do; it’s about the possibilities it opens for other tech innovations.

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