It is a common temptation to use Macs over Windows PCs. However, many of us drop the idea, due to its cost and high maintenance. The debate over a better option between Macs and PCs has always been a controversial one. It also differs from person to person and their choices or convenience of using either a Mac or PC. To many it may seem that most Mac users use Mac due to the brand name and aesthetics rather than price per performance. This is generally accurate but doesn’t tell the whole story.  Here are some other reasons people prefer to use Mac over PC. 

Resale Value

At the time of purchasing a PC, you may spend a few less dollars compared to the price of a Mac. However, in the long run, many find Macs are cheaper. The real cost of a product shouldn’t be estimated based on the purchasing price. You should also consider the residual value that you may get after selling or trading it. The difference between these two numbers will determine the real cost of the computer to own. It is far better to opt for Mac if you calculate the cost of ownership in this way. After 3-4 years, Macs hold their resell value much stronger than Windows PCs.

Update Drivers

Programs and accessories for Mac are generally proprietary or at least made specifically for these computers.  This means you will be able to enjoy a well-developed product that meet the standards of a reputed company. Apple software and hardware don’t need drivers. In the case of a Windows PC, you will spend plenty of money on software and accessories and then fight with it to get it to work properly. You may also fuss with the Windows Operating System and reinstall the software due to wrong drivers. 

Virus Attacks

Mac users have fewer chances of issues created by viruses, spyware, and malware. However, this isn’t because Macs are impenetrable in this way.  Rather, it’s because malware developers will generally focus on where they can get the most bang for the buck.  Windows PCs were the hacker’s choice over the past 30+ years.  However, in today’s world, the hacker’s choice is focused more on internet browsers, social media, and phones.  When malware or hackers do attack Macs, those of us who use them in Calgary find a competent technician who specializes in Mac computer repair in Calgary.

Sleep Mode

Apple computers can maintain a great sleep mode and can return instantly to where you were when you wake it up. If you try doing this to a Windows PC, you will encounter a lot of weird problems, especially if you do it repeatedly.  Windows 10 PCs admittedly do a much better job of this than previous versions (here’s looking at you Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc., etc.). Many Windows PC users will find that the PC performs well initially; however, the system freezes and hangs over time. Mac has had its issues with freezes, glitches, and hangs; however, they don’t seem to be as detrimental as PC users.  Also, since the introduction of OS X, Mac users can use many Windows PC programs on their Mac. 

Cross Device

When talking about communicating cross device, Mac becomes the most convenient option. Apple system flows back and forth within its Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It enhances the user’s portability at a maximum level. They develop a high standard of smart devices and still seem to be best in market, defeating its competitors. Windows PCs have been improving here, but with the failure of their Cell Phone Division, Microsoft still needs to work hard to incorporate Android and Apple products. 

In Conclusion

After analyzing the advantages of Macs over Windows PCs, it would be smart to consider Macs as a better option in the long run. The whole package compressed in the system of Mac worth its cost. In case a problem occurs, Mac users are also satisfied with the repairing services in the repair shop like the apple computer repair in Calgary.