You might be surprised to learn that Calgary, B.C. is home to the greatest number of technology start-ups in Canada. Undoubtedly, it feels like tech business is thriving and booming and it is! The region is truly the heartbeat of digital transformation and home to many who work in the industry. However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people are no longer reporting to the office and are instead opting to shelter-in-place while they work from home. Working from home might seem like a luxury but it is not without problems. What if your computer takes a nosedive and you require computer repair? Do you call the Geek Squad? 

Computers in Calgary are a Lifeline

We are living in historic times. It’s hard everywhere as people try to cope with staying indoors, working from home, and social distancing in an effort to stay safe and reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Calgary is the hub of consumer technology but now computers have become so much more. They are not only a tool for work and earning money but also a way to stay connected with friends and family. Also, children and teachers are using them to create virtual classrooms.  Yes, times are different and the reliance on home computers and laptops is intense. In many ways, it is like a stack of cards waiting to tumble down if your computer crashes and you must have virus removal or data recovery. 

What Happens if the Computer Breaks? 

Yes, you are doing your part to stay safe by working from home. Even your children are probably logging in hours on the computer trying to complete mountains of schoolwork. Virtual learning is hard for youngsters too. You are probably used to working in front of the flickering glow of a computer screen but it’s new for kids to have to do all their schoolwork on a computer. Everyone is under pressure.

However, when the computer in the house breaks or freezes, everyone panics nowadays. Your first reaction is probably fear because you don’t know how to fix it or who to call in Calgary for computer repair. What if no one is working because of the pandemic? Take a deep breath and relax. At Ticktocktech Technology Services in Calgary, our technicians are standing by Monday through Saturday to help you with laptop repair, IT support, virus removal, and more. Whatever your computer repair problem is, we have you covered. 

Computer Repair Safety During COVID-19

At Ticktocktech Technology Services, we are offering both onsite repair and remote service. If we send a technician to your home, then rest assured that they sanitize not only themselves but also their work area while performing any home computer services. The safety of you and your family is always our main concern. Our in-home technology service always focuses on your needs and repairs. 

Remote Computer Services in Calgary

We recognize that you simply might not feel comfortable having someone in your home to fix your computer. Luckily, our skilled tech support does offer remote services. We can safely repair your computer remotely. This is a great option for many during these unprecedented times. 

Tech Tips to Stay Safe 

Benjamin Franklin once said that an ‘0unce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and this is absolutely true with so many people working from home on their computers. When you are at the office, you probably depend on office tech support and network services. Now you are working alone, and you want to keep your laptop running smoothly. 
Here are just a few tech tips to stay safe and keep your computer running trouble-free: 

Keep Your Home Office Safe

You are probably relying on home Wi-Fi networks which are notorious for poor security protocols compared to corporate networks. Many setups might lack content firewalls or continuous security monitoring. It is imperative that you follow the best security practices by having advanced endpoint detection and good response software on your system. You want to protect yourself from any malicious actions while you work. Regularly reboot to let your computer make necessary installs and shut down when your workday ends.

Tech Tools

Working from home means you are using things like video and phone conferencing, email, file sharing, instant messaging, and virtual private networks. All the tech tools make remote productivity easier and quicker, but you should always make sure the platforms remain up to date and stay patched to prevent any compromise.

Video Conferencing Safety

Video sessions are becoming the norm, but you should only do them when you know the invite is legitimate. A spear-phishing attack occurs when you are asked to join a session by an attacker. You will then be asked to pass control to the individual who can then open content. Please be leery of any bogus invites. Only attend meetings where the attendees have been verified and who you trust. Zoom has recently implemented security updates that require meeting passwords. However, even with a password, all attendees must follow safe practices. 

Online Vulnerability

As you log in work hours and your kids spend more time on the computer with schoolwork and games, online safety is more important than ever before. As you research things, you might feel the urge to click on a site that is promising the latest information. However, malware is now being labeled as bogus COVID-19 sites, fake government updates, and other respected online entities. Cybercriminals have even been caught making themselves appear as the World Health Organization. To stay safe, you should always check file extensions and avoid clicking on any links that look suspicious. Also, verify email addresses from senders. If you receive an email with an attachment, then make sure its a valid message before you open the file. Never accept a video invite from someone you don’t know. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of domain names have appeared that have evil intentions such as malware installation and non-public information collection (NPI). 

If you have problems don’t despair because you can still get quick and effective computer repair even when sheltering at home. Computer technology in Calgary remains our number one concern at Ticktocktech Technology Services. We are here to help you get safely through these trying times. 

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