With widespread shelter-in-place orders and online classes, children are spending a considerable amount of time in front of the computer. Much of that time is unattended because parents assume their child is performing required schoolwork. However, the internet isn’t always safe and the vulnerable are often at an increased risk. In this article, we will explore keeping kids safe online during COVID-19 in Calgary. 

Learn How to Keep Kids Safe Online 

Staying connected is important for children and teenagers nowadays. Many have not seen their friends in weeks. In fact, they are thirsty for social interaction while also keeping their grades up. Here are a few ways to let your kids benefit from the internet while maintaining online safety. 

Open Communication

You must set rules about who your child can and cannot communicate with online. Friends, family, and teachers are acceptable but carrying on a dialogue with a stranger is not okay. If your child seems secretive then demand to view their chat logs. 

Stay Updated on Technology 

Ensure that your child’s device has the latest software and antivirus programs with the proper privacy settings turned on.  Parental controls and safe search should always be implemented on the child’s device as an additional online safety step. Privacy settings should be in place to minimize potential data collection. You don’t want any personal information about your child or family to fall into the hands of others. 

Free Online Educational Resources

Your child might think that the latest site is free and going to offer them the answers to their hard study questions. However, you should always investigate any site that asks your child to provide their full name or a photo prior to use. 
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Make Online Time Family Time

If you don’t feel comfortable letting your children spend time online alone then make it a family endeavor. Spend time interacting with your child and teaching them about how to stay safe online while researching the information they need for school and connecting with their friends. Most kids love spending time with their parents so there is no reason why you can’t enjoy games, age-appropriate apps, and other forms of online entertainment together. 

Stay Alert to Bullying

You might think that your child is safe from bullying because they aren’t in school, but cyberbullying is a very real and harmful thing. A child who might not confront a classmate face-to-face could feel emboldened online. If your child seems upset after using the computer or you notice any changes then it’s time to investigate to make sure cyberbullying is not occurring.  

Focus on Healthy Habits

Make your child’s online experience positive and emotionally happy. Remember, you cannot protect them from everything such as online advertisements that might promote unhealthy eating or other habits that are inappropriate. Be sure to discuss with your children the fact that not all ads are truthful and most only want to make a sale. 

Seek Trusted Computer Technology Experts

Just because you are stuck at home does not mean that you don’t have access to trusted computer technology experts who are also dedicated towards keeping kids safe during COVID-19 in Calgary. Ticktocktech Technology Services is here to help you keep your kids safe online. We make onsite repairs plus offer remote service so you can keep your computer systems running smoothly with all safety protocols in place. 

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