Do we know how to cook? I would think so? Well maybe? For some it’s as easy as breathing. To others it’s the hardest thing to do. Don’t panic, technology is here to help, if you have a computer, tablet and a smartphone then you’re all set. Assuming you have pots, pans and cooking tools of course. 

In today’s modern era, food is readily accessible either going to your favorite restaurant, the grocery store and food delivery services; there is no cooking required. All it takes is a phone call or a click away, getting food has never been easier. 

For those who cannot afford going to restaurants or ordering food. The alternative is to learn how to cook. And with the advancement of the information technologies getting help is as easy as clicking a button on your device. You can watch cooking shows online, or follow someone cooking on follow someone cooking

Basic Skills  

Cooking is probably one of the most important basic skills we will learn throughout our lives. From generation to generation we have learned to cook comfort foods by watching our parents and other adults in our family. Becoming a way for families to spend time while teaching the younger generation the ways of cooking. Some even cook to relieve stress and unwind. 

learn to cook

Let’s cook using technology 


I like cooking and enjoy recreating my favorite foods from restaurants, family gatherings and even food I see on TV in the comfort of my own home. I love trying out different cuisines from around the world and playing around with the ingredients. Getting recipes is only a google search away. Technology has influenced almost anything we do and the way we cook, through television, apps and the internet. 

The internet can be a powerful tool when searching for different ways to cook meals and gives you options depending on your current level of expertise. It can also be a great way to search and learn about nutrition for someone trying to lose weight or simply staying in shape.  

I can’t wait to see how much more consumer technology evolves while helping with our day to day lives including everything in the home and specifically with cooking!  

How to cook using apps 

Apps like SideChef: Recipes, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists available the added stresses of putting food on the table is greatly reduced. Its features include: 

  • Step-by-step video instructions and photos for individuals at any skill level.  
  • Browse from 18,000 recipes, so your cravings will be easy to satisfy.  
  • Voice recognition, no more sticky fingers on your screen 
  • Suggests dishes based on what incredients you have around the house 
  • Integrated timers  

SideChef is available for free on Android, Google Home Hub, Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, iOS, and Portal from Facebook devices. SideChef has inspired the creation of over 2.5 million meals in home kitchens around the world. 

Future of Cooking 

Because of the pandemic and being stuck at home, parents are faced with the questions of how to keep their kids healthy and safe. That means anything from the food that they eat and the dangers of being online. Cooking nutritious food and staying vigilante is the key to a healthy future. 

With parents and individuals having busy schedules, cooking has now taken a back seat because of readily made foods available in almost stores and restaurants. But since the pandemic and most people worked from home or lost their jobs, they have resorted  to cooking their own meals to save money. So the future of cooking will be dependent on the people’s interest and how we want to teach our children. 

Technology has made our lives easier in terms of finding ways to keep us fed without ever cooking. Don’t know what to eat? Lets browse online and order. Want something fast? Let’s go drive thru. On the other hand, technology has also brought us faster and quicker ways to cook. Whatever you choose to do, it’s there for you.