In the past week I have experienced the loss of someone very dear to me. A father I looked up to and could never be replaced. An ordeal that I don’t wish on anyone. As I prepare with family affairs and dealing with funeral arrangements is no easy task when you’re grieving. The biggest challenge I had to face was how to bring people together.

I think everyone would agree with me that dealing with funeral affairs during these difficult times is tough. Especially when everyone is in different locations around the globe. To bring people together in one place is next to impossible because of Covid 19 travel restrictions. And thus makes it difficult for family members to attend. 

Use of technology


Methods of bringing people together online


Dealing with the Funeral home was somehow easier than I expected. Because they were very accommodating and tended to my every need. As I was discussing my dilemma to the gentleman helping me and how I can bring people together in one place.

Once again, technology was the answer. He suggested that if family members could not attend for some unforeseen circumstances we would bring the funeral to them via the internet using various communication apps. Like Zoom, Microsoft teams, and Skype are some examples that we have come up with.

I decided to use the zoom app as a way to let everyone view the funeral as it happens for the individuals that could not be there in person. The ease of use of the platform is as simple as a few clicks. Everyone from children, to baby boomer grandparents find the user interface to be seamless and easy.

And more, the platform allows for easy group meetings with video tiles arranged in a visually pleasing way, the ability to take polls, ask questions, raise hands, write on a digital whiteboard, and even react with emojis.

Ways to bring people together

Through the use of my laptop and smartphones I was able to maximize the use of the internet, messenger apps and social media to keep everyone updated as the funeral goes on. 

Zoom cloud meetings is a cloud-based video communication app that allows you to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars and live chats. It was developed by Zoom video Communication Inc.


With the help of a lot of caring people, I somehow managed to bring people together in one place. Planning, organizing and executing was not easy, because it took a considerable amount of energy to stay calm and composed.

I am very thankful, because I was able to utilize the advancement of communication technology to achieve my goal. Live video streaming was a godsend. Because it gave everyone the chance to see the ritual and pay their respect for the last time. 

I owe my success to my family members and many individuals who offered to help with the entire process.  The communication technology had provided me the flexibility to bring people together no matter how far they may be. All we need is an internet connection, computer, tablet and a smartphone and we are a click away.