There is no doubt in my mind that when summer comes, almost everyone in Calgary is very excited to go out and enjoy the weather. One thing all citizens have in common is the love for the outdoors. Hiking, riding bikes and Camping are the number one activities for most Calgarians.

There is no greater feeling of excitement when a family or a group of friends goes on a camping trip. Either taking the RV or taking the tents and roughing it. Camping on a nearby beach and the mountains certainly is a great choice to spend time together.

Camping is not only doable, it’s also affordable. The gadgets that you bring can also make it better/easier. Anything can be portable these days. Portable power stations, stoves/grills, chairs, mosquito repellers, showers, LED lights, and to my surprise even washing machines.

Camping has become a home away from home experience. 

Where to go camping

A simple google search on a computer, laptop, tablet and phone is all you need to find a place that suits your needs. Depending where you are located, the Parks Canada website is a great tool to use. Deciding on where to go is up to you. The website gives you options like:

  1. Tent, RV or both
  2. Fishing, hiking, swimming, picnic, playground areas
  3. Reservations needed or first come first serve

Time Spent

The fun of camping is limitless depending on what you want to do. With all the activities that camping may provide it can also be relaxing. Go Hiking in the woods, fly fishing on rivers, kayaking or just trying to clear your head. So you can write your next article for your next blog. It’s that simple.

The time spent camping together allows families to reconnect without the distraction of everyday things like tv, computers, and video games. A bonfire at the campsite roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and talking with one another is very enjoyable. 


Personal Experience

When trying to balance work and recreation, camping is the first thing that comes to mind. Parents like myself find solace from camping because when things become chaotic at home and boredom sets in for my children, time to hit the road and leave everything behind for the weekend. 

Setting up the tent for my kids is a fun activity for everyone, deciding where it’s going to be situated is a big deal. Is it going to be overlooking the river or the mountain? A decision they will have to make. 

Fishing is an activity that my son and I found enjoyable and peaceful in total silence. Just concentrate on catching fish. Safe to say this beats boredom.

setting up tent


Most Canadians consider camping as part of their lifestyle, and a way to balance work and recreation. In recent years camping has become the go to activities for families to escape the day to day grind of the city. 

According to Parks Canada there are a total of 25,096,236 campers visiting National parks 2018-2019. There was a decline of attendees between 2019-2020 to 24,888,241 because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

If camping is not for you there are more activities to be enjoyed during the summer months. Like, going to indoor swimming pools to cool off and spending time with friends in a bar sipping your favorite drink and sightseeing around the city.