Effective Printer maintenance tips to avoid both unintended spending and increase in usage and durability. Calgary is a big City which both small and big companies, it’s no new that every working office keeps records essentially needs a printer in this modern world. Printers are one of the most often used computer accessories for printing text and photographs. It is common knowledge that a printer is an external hardware output device that converts electronic data stored on a computer in the form of a soft copy into a hard copy (paper copy).


For instance, if you prepared a business report, project, pdf books, marketing materials, etc. on your computer, you may print several copies for your own use or distribution. Printers are classified according to their intended application, which includes home and office use (LED Printers, Solid Ink Printers, and Laser Printers), as well as graphical use (Graphics Printers) (3D Printer).

Printer Maintenance Tips that Improves Durability

Like all gadgets and computer tools, maintenance is important to avoid having to haul it downtown perhaps every month. However, nothing lasts forever, gadgets come with a life span which is the average period of time your gadget is usable enough to give perfect results. For a Printer, its on average between 3-5years.


To achieve this life expectancy for your printer, maintenance is very important and must be ensured and checked for especially if you run a medium or large company with many of them. This post will take you through the best 5 approaches for your printer Maintenance which are simply practicable and easy to get used to. This will improve the usage and you’ll enjoy your printer’s durability.


1. Avoid Paper Jam

5 Printer Maintenance habits
Source: Inkjet blog

This is quite popular stuff that happens in almost every printer. A jam can be caused by loading paper that is stuck together, torn, twisted, or bent. A jammed printer can be caused by overfilling the paper tray, placing different thicknesses of paper in the tray, or using paper that isn’t suitable for your printer.


Take the following precautions to avoid this.

  • The exact tray’s need is important when reloading your input tray, taking into account the length-width ratio, and loading it correctly to fit the tray. Overfilling the paper tray is one of the most common causes of paper jams.
  • By gently fanning any sheets that may be stuck together, you can free them.
  • Maintain consistency in the paper size you’ll be loading into the tray.
  • Check the paper tray for a hang or debris after each printing.
  • Maintain a clean paper pathway at all times.
  • In your input tray, only use one type of paper at a time (check the documentation for the type of paper your printer works with).


2. Regular Cleaning of the ink head/Print head

5 Printer Maintenance Habit
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This isn’t hard or technical work to do. This involves cleaning the removable ink head of the printer.

To begin, gently remove the ink-head or cartridge and wipe the print head contacts with a sponge swab dampened with rubbing alcohol. Brush the contacts with a sharp bristle brush dipped in a little alcohol. Run a little alcohol over the print head after brushing to rinse out broken bristles; the alcohol dries rapidly. Remove any extra ink from the nozzles and replace the cartridge.



3. Place it in the Most comfortable position

5 Printer Maintenance Habit to always practice
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You should treat your gadgets with love. The more cool and dry they get, the longer they rest. They are built with metals and can’t stand much heat neither can they stand the presence of nonvolatile liquids as they are electrically operated…. you know the rest ‘lol’.

Make sure your printer is in a safe place; never leave it in direct sunlight or on the floor. Remember to leave spaces around the machine to allow air to circulate through the cooling and exhaust fans. Check to see if your gadget gets too hot. Overheating printers, like computers, results in decreased output and faults.



4. Always turn it off when not in use

Unplug printer after use
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Any moment you know you won’t be using your printer in 2 hours intervals, put it off to prevent dust from entering the printer mechanism. The idea for unplugging the printer during long periods of inactivity is that it will safeguard it from power spikes.


In the long run, this will result in fewer service calls and lower repair expenses. At the end of each day, you can turn off your printer. Also, many printer care instructions will be easier to follow with these printer repair kits. While printer maintenance kits aren’t required for new printer owners, they are recommended if you plan on using your printer for an extended period of time.



5. Never Dismantle your printer

Printer repair in Calgary
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Lastly, an essential part of the printer maintenance tips. Do not dismantle your printing device if you ain’t a professional or technician. You could eventually affect another part of the device(aside from what you intended to repair yourself) and also, some parts are fragile and sensitive which could easily break.  In case you have any issues that involve the core or inner part of your printer, there’s a TickTockTech Technician near you for Printer repair services in Calgary and the good thing is, you don’t have to haul it downtown. We come to fix it and get it working the same day.