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Inglewood, Calgary, Alberta T2G

There’s no good time for your computer to break down. You may be in the middle of an important project at work, a term paper or you may just be streaming another episode of Russian Doll — regardless, you want to keep doing what you’re doing. When your computer freezes up, conks out or is giving you some other trouble, call on the most reliable computer repair company in Inglewood: TickTockTech.

TickTockTech Comes to You in Inglewood

Our techs work all over Calgary, but because we do repairs in your home (or office or wherever you are), we assign techs to specific service areas such as Inglewood. You never have to pack up your equipment and head out to a computer repair store, wait in line and hand your machine over to a stranger who may put it in the mail for repairs by a third party. Being without your computer for days can be nerve-racking, but worse, it’s scary to think of your hard drive and all your private information being in the hands of a stranger.

Our goal is for you to have the same tech whenever you call our computer repair company for service. We find that doing business this way helps build trust with our customers. We decided to remain in Calgary and not expand to other cities because we don’t want to be that faceless chain store; we want to be your friendly, local computer repair company.

TickTockTech Is a Local & Trustworthy Computer Repair Company

Here at TickTockTech, we’ve been in business for 28 years, and that experience is what our customers have come to count on. And though there is no substitute for experience, we know that in a dynamic industry such as computer repair, it’s critical to stay informed.

That’s why at our computer repair company, we require all our techs to undergo ongoing training and continuing education to stay up to date on changes and developments in the field. If we haven’t heard about it, it’s because it hasn’t happened yet.

Fairer Pricing Structure

Not only are we known for our friendly service and expert repairs, but our customers also love us because of our pricing structure. We charge in 15-minute increments. That means if it only takes 30 or 45 minutes to repair your machine, that’s all you pay for. We don’t round up to the hour.

Plus, we don’t even charge for travel time. That’s another reason we divide up our customers by region. It saves us time, and that saves you money.

If you live in Inglewood and your computer is giving you problems, call TickTockTech. We’ll send a tech to wherever you are to get started fixing it right away. Our techs are also trained to follow strict safety protocols, wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from customers.

When you’re searching for the best computer repair company in Inglewood, call TickTockTech.