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If you’re looking for the best computer repair company in Northeast Calgary T3N, call the experts at TickTockTech. With nearly 30 years of experience with Mac and PC repair, we’re the trusted company local residents rely on when their computers aren’t performing as expected.

You don’t need to haul everything downtown or to an overpriced shop, we come right to you anywhere in Northeast Calgary. Expert Technicians that work on all models and brands. We work with Desktops repair, laptops repair, WIFI, Tech security, and other tech issues also work on software issues like Data recovery, Operating systems, and Virus/Malware Removal.

Our computers are an integral part of our daily lives. We use them for work, school, and play. We do research, watch movies and videos, attend Zoom meetings and so much more. If your desktop or laptop is running slowly, won’t boot up, or won’t hold a charge, you need help. And TickTockTech is here for you.

28 years of happy Customers -TickTockTech Calgary

Because we have been in the computer repair business in Northeast Calgary for 28 years, we have built a reputation for ourselves. We’re known for being thorough, competent, fast, and fair. One particular aspect of our computer repair company that sets us apart from other computer stores is we don’t make you pack up your equipment and bring it into us; we come to you.

When you call TickTockTech for service, we assign a tech to you in your area of Northeast Calgary. This is the person you will work with going forward. We find that forming relationships like this builds trust with our customers.

It’s one reason we have resisted expanding to other cities after all these years — because we want to be the company you know and rely on, not some faceless computer repair giant.

Face-to-Face Onsite Computer Repairs anywhere in Northeast Calgary T3N

You know when you call us that you will get the best in terms of skill and experience. We only hire techs who have the right background for the job. Plus, we provide ongoing training to our techs to help ensure they have the most up-to-date computer repair skills.

When you use other computer repair stores, you are often forced to leave your computer behind with people you don’t know. Furthermore, they often mail your computer to a third party for repair. That’s a lot of strangers with access to all your private information.

When you use TickTockTech, your repair technician comes to you, and you can even watch them repair your computer if you want to. No security risk — just fast, friendly service.

Fairer Pricing Structure

Our customers are always happy that they don’t have to disconnect all their equipment and bring it to us, but they’re even happier when they find out we don’t charge for travel time to your location. We don’t charge diagnostic fees either, and our estimates are free.

You don’t pay until you authorize us to start work on your computer. And even then, we charge by the quarter-hour, not the hour. That means if it only takes 15 or 30 minutes to fix your computer, that’s all you pay for.

Plus, we offer a money-back guarantee — just let us know if you are ever unsatisfied. You have nothing to lose when you call TickTockTech for help.

If you’re in Northeast Calgary and need a desktop or laptop repair, tech support, help with network configuration, upgrades, viruses or anything computer-related, call on the experts at TickTockTech.