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No need to disconnect or dispose of a faulty computer or tech appliances. If you find it stressful or difficult to haul your computer downtown for repairs, then you’ve got us. TickTockTech is your company, 28years in service(both onsite and offsite repair) with over 53,000 happy customers across the US and Canada. The best part is, our technicians are available in Round Rock for In-home Computer repair services and they are one call away. All you have to do is give us a call, state the issue with your device and we come to you at no extra cost!

Same day repair is what everyone needs and we assure you of no half work will be done. Every fixing or replacement will be done in no time. Our technicians will run proper diagnoses on your device and give you a free estimate with no obligations. If you wish to proceed, we get to work right away and get your device working.


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TickTockTech Computer Repair in Round Rock TX: Our Specialities

Same Day Repair Services:  Most Computer and PC owners make use of it every day; you do not have to be worried if you experience a breakdown while working. We are here for you. Just like our name implies, we care about your timing. You can either bring it to any of our locations or call our technicians who will immediately reach out to you. Either way, you choose, you will get your computer back the same day and work perfectly even if it requires the replacement of Accessories. You can then continue what you were doing before the system breakdown.

In-Home/Onsite Services: You are busy and need to repair your damaged computer and smart appliances ASAP? No worries, you do not have to haul downtown! We are one call away. A TickTockTech technician near you for computer repair in Round Rock, Texas will come right to you and get the job done as you watch. Our technicians will run a complete diagnosis, figure out the issue and get it done the same day!

Free Onsite Estimation: Thinking Onsite services will attract extra charges? Definitely not. TickTockTech is the only computer repair company in Sunset valley that provides completely free on-site estimates with no obligations. After checking through your computer system/ Tech appliances, we will provide an estimate. If you wish to proceed, we get to work right away and get your system working.

Discount Pricing Structure: TickTockTech offers the best and fair pricing structure for services. We bill only by the quarter-hour and no travel, no extra or hidden charges. if it takes just 15 minutes to complete the service, you are paying for the 15minutes and not rounding up to 1hr.

Money Back Guarantee: In the process of fixing, and you are not satisfied with TickTockTech. You are free to cancel within the first half-hour of the scheduled service and yes, you will not need to pay.

Reliable Repair Service: Whatever we fix at TickTockTech is 100% dependable, satisfactory, and durable which you will not have to fix the same issue every time. We have been in service for 28years with over 30,000 satisfied customers served by our experienced technicians across Canada and the United State.

Trustworthiness is not self-acclaimed. See what our customers say about us

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TickTockTech Round Rock: Expert Local Technicians for all Tech Services

We Specialized in Computer Hardware repair or Accessories replacement for Desktops, Laptop PC, Printers, Upgrades, Crack Screen, Hard drive repair Data Retrieval (Transfer of data from your internal hard drives to your new device), and IT support for all tech appliances. Also, software repair services include Data recovery, Operating systems, Software Upgrades, Virus and Malware removals. These involve all models and brands of PC and Desktops.

Not Only Computer but other Tech Services 

Do you own, or your company run on multiply or large connections of computer networks? Give us a call for any IT issues you might encounter from: Network Integration, Remote Computer Support, New computer setup and configurations, Printer Troubleshooting, Strategic tech plan, Smart home security solutions, and Cybersecurity Solutions. Whether you have one or multiple computers to repair or set up, a TickTockTech technician is in Round Rock, Texas to help you out in no time.

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