Nowadays, you want and need to stay electronically connected more than ever before. With our computer maintenance tech list in Cleveland, we can help you keep things running smoothly. 

The Importance of Electronics 

Electronics are taking center stage during COVID-19. They are a way to work from home, provide children with school, and stay in contact with friends and family. A Pew Research Center survey found that 80 percent of all homes have a computer and 84 percent a smartphone. At least 33 percent of all households in the U.S have three or more smartphones and 18 percent have 10 or more computers, tablets, and smartphones. Clearly, the stats reflect how crucial electronics have become which is why keeping things running smoothly is so important. 

Our Computer Maintenance Tech List in Cleveland 

With the unemployment rate in America soaring past that of the Great Depression and people sheltering at home, the cost of replacing an expensive computer is terrifying for many. A new PC runs from $410 to $2,899 according to PC Magazines’ findings. With such costly prices, it is imperative that you take the steps needed to maintain your computer and keep it running smoothly. 

Computer maintenance is cheaper than having to purchase a new computer. A well-maintained electronic device can last years without requiring costly repairs or replacement. None of our computer maintenance tech list steps require a costly investment. In fact, they will save you money if you perform then regularly 

The Importance of Cleanliness

Keep the openings to your electronics clean. A dirty keyboard will stop working and you will face replacement of the device. The same with a mouse to clean your devices, all you need is a damp cloth that is lint-free. Never spray water directly on the keyboard or mouse or you will make things worse. You can also use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to clean openings. 

Hard-to-reach items are cleaned using a quick burst of air from a compressed air canister. Remember to also clean the docks on the ports and crevices of the computer. Dust and particles significantly reduce airflow and cause the computer to overheat. Ideally, clean out all parts at least once per month. 

Do not forget to clean the monitor. You can invest in a small can of LCD monitor cleaner to remove any stuck-on debris or stains. Use an exceptionally soft microfiber cloth so you do not scratch the screen’s surface. 

Avoid Eating and Drinking Near the Computer

Yes, it’s tempting to grab a quick snack or drink while you log in hours on the computer, but you need to avoid the temptation. The spilled liquid will destroy your keyboard or laptop. Also, your fingers get sticky and then the keys of your keyboard and mouse start to stick together and malfunction. In an extreme case, you might even have ants invade the machine in search of food particles. 

Organize the Cords 

Any home office setup has a mess of cords, random accessories, and power strips that litter the workspace and floor. The mess looks unsightly and it is also dangerous. Pets or children could become electrocuted. You can get tangled in the cords and pull the computer to the floor. Just one heavy yank on a cord can cause damage to the plug-ins of your machines. Try to use twist-ties to organize the spiderweb of wires. 

The Danger of Overcharging Your Batteries

You might feel tempted to leave your laptop, smartphone, or tablet plugged in all the time, but this not only increases your home’s energy bill but also is unbelievably bad for the devices’ batteries. Overcharging retards, the batteries’ regenerative abilities. Within a year or less, your device will lose its ability to effectively hold a charge for awfully long. It will get worse and need constant charging to remain on. You will have to invest in a new costly battery. Ideally, only charge your electronics when they dip down to 20 percent or less battery power 

Let the Vents Breathe

Your desktop and laptop have vents that need to breathe, or they will start to overheat. Please, avoid setting items in front of the vents or the machine becomes too hot and will malfunction. You can even put a fan near your device to help cool it down which is especially beneficial for any high-performance machine like a gaming laptop. 

If you have a desktop then be sure to pull it away from walls or cabinets so there is ample airflow around all sides of the machine. Also, keep a watch on the fans to make sure that they are still functioning. Sometimes a fan will stop working and you will not even realize that your computer is overheating until too much damage occurs. 

Prepare for the Worst!

Okay, it is tempting to take our cellphone or tablet into the bathroom with you. Who does not want to relax in a hot bath while you read the device? However, you can quickly drop it into the water. If your device becomes submerged in water, then you need to act fast so always have a desiccant on hand. 

Rice is a great desiccant and so are silica beads. They act as a drying agent and can pull the water from the device. Completely cover the device with the desiccant and let it sit for a while undisturbed, so it dries out. 

Avoid All Magnets

If you are struggling to work from home during COVID-19 while juggling your family duties with your little ones, then you know the struggle is real. Kids love to play with magnetic construction sets and refrigerator magnets. They might want to stick the magnets on your computer’s surface or play with them in your workspace. Your hard drive is sensitive to any type of magnetic field that is built up. Damage can quickly occur. 

Even if you follow this computer maintenance tech list in Cleveland you should always be aware that accidents can still happen, and electronic devices break even with the best of care. At TickTockTech, we are here for you. We offer both remote and onsite computer repairs to get your devices back up and running.