In a world where tech is slowly overtaking every other sector in our lives, the smart house of the future is becoming the house you need today. Tech not only applies to social media or other areas of life, but Smart Gadgets for your home can also determine how secure our homes remain while we are in them or not.

Tech not only protects you against burglars, but it can also protect you from other home potential hazards. Here are smart gadgets you can bank on when considering a home upgrade. Seniors living independently have no choice but to enlighten themselves on some of these tech options by incorporating them into their homes. 

1.  Install Smart LED Motion Automated Lighting for your Home

Imagine a burglar targeting your home thinking that you don’t have any lighting outside, not knowing that you have these lifesavers. The shock on them! Once they invade your compound, this motion automated lighting will light up immediately, and of course, it will cause them to flee.

Additionally, you can also have them installed indoors. These lights will save you some cash on your utility bills and save you the hustle of constantly switching your lights on and off whenever you need light.

2.  Install Smart Electric Window Blinds

We all want to get some fresh air at night, but we are limited by the standard windows in our homes and fears of insecurity. Luckily, with the invention of blinds, we can enjoy some fresh air, control the amount of light coming from outside, and still enjoy our privacy. Unwanted eyes won’t have a chance of prying into your home when your blinds are open. These electric window blinds will undoubtedly keep the burglars in check.

Just like motion sensors, once anyone tries to enter your home through the windows, you will receive an immediate alert warning you about it. You won’t have to worry about your home even while on vacation or outside for your usual activities.

3.  Install Door Sensors

An alarm system is essential to any home. And now that you’ve taken care of your windows, don’t forget the doors. Your front door certainly is the best place to start. The good thing about door sensors is that they are fast enough to detect any break-in, and they will alert you immediately.

Also, they will let you know who comes in and out of the house. You won’t have to worry about your security when you have these in your home. Nor will you have to use these sensors on the door alone, but you can also set them up to protect drawers or a safe or any outdoor item that is of value to you. You will get an alert immediately in case of any unusual happenings in your home.

4.  Install Smart Video Doorbells

We have often lost valuable items left on our front porch, and the culprits walk away unnoticed. Luckily, with the latest advancement of doorbell cameras to video doorbells, you can easily monitor your front porch at the comfort of your seat on your smartphone.

They will also allow you to send pre-recorded messages if you’re not around and, more importantly, see who is at the door before welcoming them. All you have to do is ensure that you get a professional who will strategically place it on your door to transmit that clear view that you need.

5.  Install a Smart Thermostat

Sometimes, you will leave your home in a rush without setting your AC in the suitable mode. You will easily freak out if you leave your home with the traditional programmable thermostat since you can only adjust it manually. Lucky for you if you’ve installed a smart thermostat. It lets you control your home’s temperature and change it remotely from wherever you are. However, when buying these, you have to be cautious enough and ensure that the thermostat is compatible with your smartphone to enable accessible communication and monitoring.

6.  Install Wireless CCTV Cameras

WIFI has almost become a basic need in our daily lives. With time, WIFI services have also become cheaper, and most homes have it. The current CCTV cameras have been internet enabled for easier transmission of the recent happenings of your house directly to your phone. Additionally, they will also come with a smartphone dedicated app for this purpose. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, and you won’t have to incur extra costs of hiring a caretaker to look after your home when you’re gone.

Also, the best thing about them is that, unlike the wired cameras, these can’t be cut off since they are wireless. Also, they work even during power outages and so you won’t have to worry about not being able to monitor your home during such times.

7.  Install a Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is not only a lifesaver in your home but also in your home. You will enjoy some peace of mind with this addition to your home. Not only does it detect smoke, but also dangerous carbon monoxide, heat, and fire. If you have to install it in your kitchen, don’t install it directly near your cooking appliances since you will get many unnecessary false alarms. We have witnessed many lives saved in the event of a fire breakout; therefore, it will be an excellent addition to your home.

8.  Install the “Magic” Smart Mirror

No doubt that our health has become the new wealth. Here’s another pick of the smart gadgets for your home. Imagine having one of these facial recognition technology mirrors in your bedroom or bathroom? Many times, you wake up feeling sickly, but you don’t know what the problem is. In such times, a smart mirror will come in handy as it assesses your health using your face and gives you recommendations on things you need to do to make your health better.

Additionally, you can customize it to display the weather forecast, news, and more according to your needs. The more expensive the gadget gets, the more customization options it has.

9.  Get a Smart Weighing Scale

As stated above, our health is a top priority in our lives. With this, you can monitor your weight, nutrition, and your general wellbeing. Just like the smart mirror in your room, this will show you your current weight, fat content levels, and Body Mass Index (BMI).

10. Add Smart Locks

Nowadays, it is easy to misplace your keys more than your phone. If you’re one of those who lose keys, the keyless option will work much better for you. Also, many are the times that we leave our doors open.

Luckily, you can preset these locks to lock the door after a certain amount of time. Also, they offer extra security measures in case of a break-in since the burglars must put in a code to get access. In case of a break-in, these locks can easily shield you from danger and alert you to take action.

As seen above, there are many smart gadgets and upgrades for your home to choose from. Start with the essential one that you feel best suits you. You may think that you’ve taken care of your security concerns through the use of smart technology, but as we said, people have also become clever, and they can easily hack into our home systems.

Therefore, take the extra step and set up strong passwords to prevent hackers from bypassing your home’s systems. Let a reputable professional advise you about this and ensure that everything is in place before leaving your home.

About the Author

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.