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      Computer Data Recovery Technicians in Columbus

      Our computer technicians have wide technical and logical skills and experience to recover data from your computer storage devices, equipment, and/or information systems. They are a very helpful and responsive technical support team and can recover data lost or inaccessible due to technical or user error. Data recovery specialists are well versed in recovering data from an array of devices and information systems, including internal and external hard disks; Portable storage devices (flash, SD cards), and Enterprise storage (SAN, NAS, RAID)

      Rejuvenating Your Digital World with Us

      In this modern age, we depend on digital technology, and data constitutes the backbone of our personal and professional lives. However, the incredible loss of beneficial data can be disastrous, causing stress and disturbance. TickTockTech – Computer Repair Columbus, a trusted name in tech solutions, brings you expert data recovery in Columbus. We aim to retrieve what’s lost and repair your digital world to its former glory.

      Our data recovery services in Columbus are devised to recover lost, unreachable, or accidentally deleted data from diverse storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, and more. Our skilled repairpersons are well-qualified to address a wide range of data loss scenarios, including:

      Understanding the Core of Data Recovery:

      • Holistic Data Recovery Solutions: Our data recovery services contain many scenarios. Our experts leverage advanced processes to revive your data, from lost documents and precious pictures to pivotal trade files and detailed databases.
      • The Complexity of Data Loss: Data loss can be exemplified for many reasons– from spontaneous deletion and hardware malfunctions to software breakdown and hostile intrusions. The seasoned specialists at TickTockTech – Computer Repair Columbus specialize in identifying the root cause of data loss and developing a productive data recovery strategy.
      • Hardware and Software Prowess: Our Columbus data recovery experts comprehend hardware and software aspects – an essential amalgamation for victorious data recovery. Our solutions are all-encompassing and practical, addressing issues that span from reclaiming data from malfunctioning hard drives to extracting data from compromised databases.

      Keen to Rediscover Lost Data? Initiate Contact Now!

      Embrace the reassurance of retrieved data through our professional data recovery services. Our knowledge, uncompromising commitment, and cutting-edge procedures are at your disposal, balanced to reinstate what has been lost. Refrain from allowing data recovery costs in Columbus to shape your digital journey – allow TickTockTech – Computer Repair Columbus to revive your sense of serenity. Contact us at (614) 696-5110 or click here to embark on the journey of rediscovering lost data with experienced Data Recovery!

      Same Day Service

      Why haul your computer down to the computer store? A TickTock Technician can come right to you and have you
      up and running the same day!

      Free Onsite Estimate

      Your TickTock Technician will show up, diagnose your device and then provide you with a
      free, no obligation, written estimate.

      Discount Pricing Structure

      Only TickTockTech bills by the quarter hour and no travel. If it only takes fifteen minutes to complete the service, you pay for
      fifteen minutes, not an hour.

      Money Back Guarantee

      If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with TickTockTech, cancel within the first half hour of the scheduled service and do not pay. Period!

      Celebrating 28 years in Columbus, OH

      Call today (614) 696-5110

      Technicians are standing by!

      Celebrating 28 years in Columbus, OH

      Call today (614) 696-5110

      Technicians are standing by!

      Data Recovery Columbus

      Data, which comprises your files and applications, is a vital component of any computer. They are even the most crucial files you have saved on your computer. Preventing data loss should be a top priority at all times. If you lose your data for whatever reason, our professionals can help you retrieve your data. You might lose your computer data for a variety of causes, including software eruption, malware assault, human mistake, and computer hardware failure. In any case, our data recovery professionals in Columbus will not only discover a way out, but will also advise you on how to prevent similar situations in the future.

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      Years In Business

      TickTockTech Services

      TickTockTech Data Recovery Services include a FREE onsite estimate for home data recovery in Columbus. We have been in the here for more than 28 years with thousands of happy customers. If you need virus/malware removal, data recovery, wireless security solutions, data retrieval remedies, or creating strategic technology plans, we strive to deliver same day service with our discount pricing structure. We provide both residential and commercial data recovery services including for customers in Columbus, OH and throughout America.

      Data Retrieval Remedies

      So, your computer is past repair and there’s data on it that you can’t live without? Or maybe the computer is on the fritz and it’s making it difficult or impossible to get the files you need.
      We know how important your files and documents are to you. In today’s world, our whole lives are stored in these temperamental computers. When one isn’t cooperating, we’ll help you tame it and repair it.

      Data Loss Prevention

      If your data was restored, you are not immune to future data loss, but you can avoid it. TickTockTechnicians will provide you with guidance and remote support on how to prevent future data loss or avoid data recovery. You may also call us if you only need someone to show you how to do something or if you need a specialist to assist you to solve some file difficulties you’re having remotely.

      Virus/Malware Removal

      The presence of viruses and malware on your computer equipment is one of the causes of a computer breakdown. This might be from popups, downloads, or a file. Prevention is better than cure, therefore if you suspect you have a virus on your system, with symptoms such as “files being corrupted and showing a size of 0Kb,” you may contact our professionals to perform diagnostics.

      Software and Hardware Upgrades

      Still running Windows 7? Maybe you’re trying to get by with 4GB of ram? Or maybe you’re tempting fate by letting that 6+ year old hard drive hold your important files? If any of these situations sound familiar, it’s time to upgrade. From security concerns to component failure to better efficiency, your computer should be there to give you peace of mind and to help you do the things you want to do.

      Emergency Data Recovery

      Did you drop your laptop? Was there a power surge? Or did that coffee mug slip out of your hands? Well, what’s done is done and when disaster strikes, Ticktocktech can help you recover. We’ll help you get your important documents, photos, videos, and other files. Our experienced technicians will carefully extract your data and safely load it onto a new hard drive or transfer the data directly into your new computer.

      Data Hard Disk Recovery

      Your computer having a break sown, become slow, having OS or software issues, no need to worry. We can help you recover all your files and document from your hard drive or into an external drive both in-home or on-site services, just give us a call anywhere in Vancouver, including areas around British Columbia, and we’ll be right there.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How can I prevent data loss in the future?

      To prevent future data loss, it’s essential to regularly back up your data, use reliable storage devices, and maintain a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Our technicians can provide advice on data backup and security measures.

      What is the cost of data recovery services?

      The cost of data recovery depends on the complexity of the case and the extent of data loss. TickTockTech – Data Recovery Columbus offers competitive pricing, and our technicians will provide a quote after assessing your situation.

      Is my data kept confidential during the recovery process?

      Yes, TickTockTech – Data Recovery Columbus takes data security and confidentiality seriously. We have strict privacy protocols to ensure your data remains confidential throughout recovery.

      Can you recover data from physically damaged drives?

      Yes, our data recovery experts are experienced in dealing with physically damaged drives. We have specialized tools and techniques to recover data from severely damaged storage devices.

      Is DIY data recovery a good idea?

      DIY data recovery methods can sometimes lead to further data loss or damage. It’s advisable to avoid DIY attempts and seek professional assistance. Attempting DIY recovery can worsen the situation and decrease the chances of successful recovery.

      How do I know if my data is recoverable?

      The recoverability of your data depends on the extent of damage or corruption. It’s best to consult a professional data recovery service like TickTockTech – Data Recovery Columbus for an evaluation. We can assess the situation and provide a solution tailored to your case.

      What clients in Columbus are saying:

      4.8 stars | 4712 Reviews
      5 star computer repair rating

      Trusted, Verified, Local Business

      We’ve been in Columbus for over 28 years!  Our technicians are all local residents.  They work in the field, meaning they’ll come right to your home or office.  Our love for the community drives us to provide top of the line customers service in and around Columbus including:

      Columbus, Ohio, America Columbus | German Village | Olde Towne East | Arena District | Franklinton | Merion Village | Bexley | Whitehall | University District |Old North Columbus | Short North Arts District | Grandview Heights | Marble Cliff | Westgate | Hilltop, Columbus | North Linden | Northeast Columbus | Northwest Columbus | Westerville | Obetz

      Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

      TickTockTech customers have enjoyed unparalleled customer satisfaction for over twenty eight years.  Thanks to our technician’s outstanding personalized solutions, discount pricing structure and money back guarantee, our customers have given us a 99.98 customer satisfaction rating with over 4700 positive comments about our service!

      Personalized for Individual Needs

      TickTockTech believes that our solutions should be personalized to fit the individual needs of the user. Our personalized needs analysis will leave you with a comprehensive solutions designed around your specific needs. We do not employ the “band-aid” approach.  We will find the root problem and build your solution based on the problem, your system, and your situation.

      Latest Hardware & Software

      TickTockTech knows that by employing the latest in hardware and software technology, learning curves and system crashes can be virtually eliminated. We specialize in industry standard software applications and hardware solutions.  No pirated software here.  We’ll help you ensure you’re using quality, licensed software so there are no surprises in the future.


      Flexible discount pricing structure
      Charges by the quarter hour
      Minimum quarter hour charge
      No travel charges
      Money back guarantee
      Does not employ the band aid approach
      Same day service
      No extra charge same day service
      Available evenings and weekends
      Needs analysis Included
      Certified and experienced technicians
      Customer assigned to one technician
      You’re given technician’s cell number
      Customer encouraged to call technician direct


      Preset rates with no flexibility
      Charges by the hour
      Minimum two hour charge
      Charges for travel
      No money back guarantee
      Employs the band aid approach
      Two to three day service
      Charges extra for same day service
      You Pay extra for evenings and weekends
      Charges additional for needs analysis
      Non-certified and inexperienced technicians
      Sent the first available technician
      Not given technician’s cell number
      Must call office to speak with technician

      TickTockTech rises above its competitors by offering a superior data recovery service

      Call TickTockTech today for your free, same day, no obligation, onsite estimate!

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