Many people hearing about Florida focus on places like Miami, Orlando, and the like. Jacksonville is also gaining traction, but they are more than they are rated. Although Forbes named Tampa one of the five “most up-and-coming tech cities” in 2021, much has changed since then. Jacksonville’s startup ecosystem is in its early stages. Some of Jacksonville best tech companies and startups operate in undefined industries.

The city’s thriving tech community and startup ecosystem create numerous opportunities for innovation and collaboration.  In 2023, Jacksonville is ranked as the fourth most popular destination for technology workers. 

An appealing destination for tech professionals looking to advance their careers, thanks to its low cost of living, thriving tech scene, and abundant talent. What are some major Florida Tech companies in Jacksonville?

1. IBM

IBM is a leader in technology and consulting, and it focuses on making the most cutting-edge advances in AI and cloud systems. The company was founded in 1911 and has offices in more than 170 countries. One of its main companies is locate in Jacksonville, Florida. As a leading research organization, the company is known for making cutting-edge computer hardware, software, and nanotechnology breakthroughs. 

IBM has a wide range of job opportunities, from cybersecurity to software development, and offers a lot of benefits to its employees. This includes health insurance, ways to save for retirement, and tools for both personal and professional growth. This creates a supportive environment for career advancement and a healthy lifestyle.

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2. Microsoft

There isn’t much to say about Microsoft because you’re probably already aware of it through their product. Microsoft is a major technology company that specializes in software, electronics, and a variety of other services. Since its inception in 1975, it has become synonymous with cloud computing innovation and digital solutions. 

Based in Washington, the company expands to Jacksonville, Florida, demonstrating its impact on the city’s technological advancement. Microsoft offers a wide range of job opportunities, including tech support and research positions. Its employees enjoy comprehensive health insurance, retirement plans, and the ability to work remotely.

3. Fanatics 

Since its founding in 1996, Fanatics has led the sports merchandise market, dominating e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing. This private company, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is revolutionizing the way that fan gear is distributed around the world via physical retail stores and internet platforms. 

Fanatics works closely with sports teams and leagues to guarantee that fans can get their preferred gear at games, online, or in stadiums. With yearly sales of roughly $500 million, the company’s expansion is clear. Fanatics values its employees and provides them with a wide range of benefits in addition to jobs in marketing and design.

4. Syncheron

Synechron, founded in 2001 and headquartered in New York, specializes in guiding financial institutions through digital transformations. This private consultancy has a global footprint, with a significant presence in the United States. It’s part of the city’s thriving technology scene. With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, they provide innovative solutions to banks, asset managers, and insurance companies.

Synechron’s diverse team consists of project managers, software engineers, and marketing professionals. Their annual revenue can reach $20 million, demonstrating their impact on the technology industry. Employees at Synechron enjoy a supportive work environment with numerous benefits.

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5. CSI Companies

Based in Jacksonville since 1994, redefines workforce solutions with a unique twist. CSI is not your typical staffing agency; instead, it provides tailored staffing, technology, and managed services, with a focus on supporting Jacksonville thriving tech companies.

It serves as a beacon for both job seekers and employers in the local information technology landscape. Their innovative CSI University exemplifies Jacksonville’s digital transformation, making them an important player in the city’s technology scene.

CSI generates up to $300 million per year and is headquartered at 9995 Gate Parkway North. It employs over 2,000 people. As a strategic partner to top firms and Fortune 500 companies, CSI excels at talent, technology, and workforce management, with a focus on healthcare, technology, and finance.

6. PAX Technology

PAX Technology, with over 17 years in the industry, is a key player in Jacksonville’s tech growth. With an astounding 40 million devices worldwide, this multinational company specializes in safe electronic payment terminals. 

Its influence on the retail industry is highlighted by its global reach, encompassing 120 countries. Serving a range of markets, including retail and hospitality, PAX Technology is well-known in Jacksonville for its cutting-edge and safe payment solutions. 

The PAX Global Technology company showed that it could grow even in the face of economic uncertainty in 2022 with its robust revenue. What makes PAX so influential in the tech community is its role in Jacksonville.

7. Beeline

Beeline emerges as a key player in transforming workforce management in Jacksonville’s thriving technology scene. This innovative platform simplifies the management of external talent, giving businesses in “Silicon Beach” a strategic advantage in engagement, cost reduction, and risk management.

Beeline is designed for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail, and it simplifies the complexities of managing contingent labor, expenses, and billing. Its presence in Jacksonville highlights the city’s development as a technology hub, providing critical tools for businesses to navigate and thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

8. ServiceNow

A major player in the corporate software market, brings cutting-edge automation and AI-powered insights to Jacksonville’s technology sector. ServiceNow, which specializes in automating IT workflows, improves enterprise efficiency through its cloud-based platform.

It stands out in IT support, operations, and business management. ServiceNow, a pioneer in Jacksonville’s tech innovation hub, transforms how businesses operate by promoting a flexible work environment based on user needs rather than software limitations. 

With a focus on improving the work experience through AI solutions and predictive insights, ServiceNow promotes smarter decision-making and workflow optimization, making a significant contribution to Jacksonville’s growing tech landscape.

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9. Breezy

Breezy HR streamlines recruitment for the Jacksonville tech companies scene. This platform provides a comprehensive hiring solution, including job postings and interviews. Its user-friendly interface enables businesses, whether startups or large corporations, to streamline hiring processes.

Breezy HR has become an indispensable tool for the local tech community, facilitating the transition from paper resumes to digital hiring strategies. To ensure the best fit for your team, the software includes features such as talent search, automated messaging, interview scheduling, and customized scorecards. Breezy HR’s contribution to Jacksonville’s tech growth emphasizes the importance of modernizing recruitment.