Yes, there are online specified schools that offer iPads and Laptops to their students. You might be familiar with private schools giving this on a normal basis, but you also know their prices are high. There are affordable online schools that provide iPads and even laptops. This of course will be based on what you major in, mostly technology or programming-related courses. Let’s look at top online schools that provide Apple laptops or tablets for students.

1. Seton Hill University

The University’s Mobile Learning at the Hill initiative distributes MacBooks to all full-time traditional undergraduate students. This campaign earned Seton Hill the designation of Apple Distinguished School. 

To assist students, the institution provides on-campus AppleCare support, which includes loaner laptops. In addition to the MacBook, each student receives an iPad and training on how to use these tools efficiently in their studies. 

Traditional students are individuals who enroll in 16-week courses. This comprehensive technological program guarantees that students are well-prepared for their academic path.

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2. Chatham University

Chatham University’s Undergraduate program gives all new first-year students with a 13-inch MacBook Air. The package includes a backpack, a protective case, and a four-year AppleCare warranty. Students also receive accidental damage protection and repair services. After graduation, the laptop becomes the student’s property.  They provide Apple laptops for students including online schools.

Graduate students, on the other hand, do not receive this package but can purchase laptops at a discounted price from Apple, Dell, or HP. An obligatory technology charge pays for the MacBook Air, bag, and support services. This initiative guarantees that students have access to the technology they need to study effectively.

3. Full Sail University

Every student at Full Sail University receives a MacBook Pro that is pre-loaded with all of the software tools they need for their field. This institution offers courses in Adobe CC, Vectorworks, and Final Cut Pro X and is well-known for its emphasis on the entertainment and media sectors. 

The tuition includes a technology fee that covers the MacBook and software. This cost varies from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the degree program. Through its LaunchBox program, Full Sail, based in Winter Park, Florida, guarantees that students have access to industry-standard tools. 

Students may also receive supplementary equipment, such as a drawing tablet or DSLR camera, depending on their major.

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4. St. John’s University

The university’s  Academic Computing Initiative Program provides qualifying students with a portable computing device. Students can choose between an Apple or a Lenovo laptop based on their program’s recommendations. 

For example, computer science and business students should choose a Lenovo laptop, whereas fine arts and mass communications students should choose an Apple laptop. Every semester, the institution levies a laptop cost to the student account. 

St. John’s provides support, maintenance, and other services throughout the student’s enrollment. Students can keep the laptop as long as they continue to work full-time and follow the requirements.

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5. Moravian University

Moravian University, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, provides students with the technologies they need to thrive. All entering students are given a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an Apple Pencil. The university’s information technology department supports students with device configuration. 

The MacBook has an app for accessing university resources and downloading software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. AppleCare+ covers hardware and software concerns, but not accidental damage. 

This access to new technology enables teachers to create creative curricula and initiatives, which improves the learning experience.

6. Northwest Missouri State University

All full-time students at Maryville, Missouri’s Northwest Missouri State University receive an HP notebook that is loaded with features. Graduate students must take nine credits, while undergraduates must take at least twelve. 

These wireless-ready computers are loaned by the university to students for their academic use. Every summer, upon graduation, or withdrawal, students must return the computers to avoid fines. Students may save as much as $7,300 over four years with this program and textbook rentals. 

To guarantee that the laptops satisfy all relevant hardware and software standards, the technology package also includes on-campus tech assistance.

7. Centenary College

Centenary College offers both part-time and full-time students a free Mac or PC laptop. To qualify, students must sign a laptop agreement. They might also keep the laptop after graduation. A technology fee included in tuition covers the cost of a laptop, which is $325 each semester for a PC and $475 for a Mac. 

The MacBook Pro features a 13.3-inch screen. The laptop has 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard disk, a multi-drive DVD, HDMI/VGA connections, antivirus software, and Microsoft Office.

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8. Stevens Henager College

Stevens-Henager College gives entering students a free laptop to use while studying. If students abandon or transfer, they must return the laptop, but grads may keep it. The price of the laptop is included in the tuition. 

New undergraduate students are given a laptop for classroom use, which they keep after graduation. In addition, the college provides free tutoring and book loans. Students in the School of Graphic Arts receive a Mac laptop, and all computers are packed with the software required for each academic program.


In conclusion, several online schools provide Apple laptops or iPads to their students. These schools include Seton Hill University, Chatham University, Full Sail University, St. John’s University, Moravian University, Northwest Missouri State University, Centenary College, and Stevens Henager College. These schools offer laptops as part of their technology programs and aim to ensure that students have access to the necessary tools for their studies.