iPhone being one of the most common smartphones out there, is still prone to damage. Most of the damages, however, are usually a result of the user’s mistake, or old age. Any damage or defaults from the manufacturer are always fixed by them. In rare cases, just like the current iPhone 15 hotness issues, which will soon be fixed by an OS update. Aside from the ones like that, most iPhone damages are due to the user’s fault.

The most common iPhone damages are screen replacements or external part damages proving that. For the old phone age, the battery and OS support are some of the downsides. However, if any of these happens within a year of getting your iPhone, you might get subsidized help using Apple Care+ but this does not apply to every iPhone model. Most iPhone repairs revolve around its hardware, either repair or replacement. Let’s have a look at the iPhone repair services available in Orlando.

Common iPhone Damages in 2023

The most common iPhone damages experienced by users are screen damage, Battery drains, and iPhone overheating. However, this is obviously because they are the most used part of the device, and the screen is the outermost vulnerable part of the phone.

Screen Damages

This mostly happens when the user does not use a screen protector, or not using a strong screen protector. Sometimes, even with screen protection, if they fall over high ground, your type of screen guild might not be strong enough. Screen damage has extents, as some as minor scratches, or screen display problems. Minor scratches might not require total screen replacements, and some display and calibration problems might not require replacements either. However, that depends on the iPhone model.

Battery Issues

Two major reasons why iPhone batteries have issues are either old age or user negligence. Every battery has cycle counts, for most iPhones, it is about 500 cycle counts. These cycle counts mean the number of times it completes 0% – 100% usage. When this cycle gets to around 500, your battery health will drop to 80% or thereabout.

The more this 80% gets low, the worse the battery drain gets. The other reason is if a user consistently uses an incompatible charger or is not strong enough. Though iPhones do show warnings if this happens, most users ignore them. This will lead to battery drain as these chargers do “false charge” and damage the battery in the long run.

iPhone Overheating

Some iPhones are made of metallic steel bodies and even the ones with glass back do have metal plates. Just like other gadgets, when you use them too much, they heat up, that’s like a sign of exhaustion. However, they do cool down when operations are not on.

This can be caused by filled-up storage, too many apps running, underground system running, and battery issues. However, some could be factory problems especially if they are new releases. The iPhone 15 users experienced overheating when it first came out, which can now be fixed. This is a common issue and mostly due to overworking the iPhone device.

Water or liquid Damages

Water Spillage is very common, and this can happen due to many reasons. Many people do not know that water-resistant iPhones do have limits. This depends on the IPX technology ratings used. If an IPX6 stays too much inside the pool, beyond the recommended depth, there are tendencies of damage iPhone users should know about the limits of each IPX label. Another way most liquid damages happen is the unexpected means as most of us leave our phones on the table, beside a glass of water, or coffee… you know the rest.

How to get a good iPhone Repair Service

There are two ways to get good iPhone repair, which is either using the Apple Care+ package, or a professional iPhone repair technician near you in Orlando. What you choose depends on the most convenient for you.

iPhone Repair Services in Orlando
Source: NBC news

Apple Care+ might not work for you if you are not close to Apple repair stores, which means getting a same-day iPhone repair near you would be the best option. Find a repair shop that uses original Apple parts and has skilled technicians who specialize in iPhone repairs. Make sure the service offers a warranty on its repairs; this warranty is normally valid for 90 days.

To obtain the best value for your money, compare prices and turnaround times among different repair businesses. Finally, if at all possible, visit the repair shop to evaluate their professionalism and cleanliness.

Do I still get Apple Care+ If I buy an iPhone in 2023?

Yes, Every iPhone comes with up to 90 days of free technical support and a one-year limited guarantee that covers hardware repairs. You can also buy an Apple Care+ package with your new Apple devices or iPhone. When purchasing a new Apple device or within 60 days of your device purchase, you can purchase Apple Care+. It may be used with a variety of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more.

What is the most expensive part of an iPhone Repair in 2023?

The most expensive part of the iPhone to Repair or replace is the screen and the back glass. The screen can cost up to $350 while the back glass can cost up to $400 depending on the model. With Apple Care+ you can get the screen done for a lesser price, at $99.

How much does iPhone Repair Cost in the US?

The cost to repair an iPhone in the US can range from as low as $29 for screen repairs with AppleCare+ coverage to as high as $329 or more for out-of-warranty screen repairs on newer models. The cost varies depending on the specific repair needed, the iPhone model, and whether or not you have AppleCare+ coverage. Other types of repairs may also fall within this price range or cost more, so it’s advisable to contact Apple or a reputable repair service for precise pricing based on your situation. Prices can change over time, so always check with the service provider for current costs.

Is buying a new iPhone more affordable or fixing my iPhone in 2023?

It depends on the degree of the damage, how old your iPhone is, and your financial situation. Repairing is typically less expensive if the damage is minimal, such as a broken screen or the need for a new battery. Repair is frequently the more economical option for older models or those covered by a warranty or AppleCare+. However, investing in a new iPhone might be a better long-term strategy if you want to switch to a newer model and have the money to do so. Based on your particular circumstances, weigh your possibilities.