Water parks and aquatic amusement centers are not only reserved for holiday occasions. Birthdays, weekends, or any occasion concerning kids especially could be celebrated at the water parks. With the warmer weather coming soon, waterparks are a good place to cool off. Start planning your summer cooling activities now, with a good waterpark near you in Provo. 

Activities like Water Slides, Lazy Rivers, Water Coasters, Tube Slides, and other water park activities are enjoyed by both adults and kids. Some water parks in Provo provide extra attractions including beach volleyball, kayaking, and paddleboarding in addition to these rides. Certain water parks also have themed sections, such as a tropical section with a wave pool and water play area, or a pirate section with water slides and a lazy river.

In some cases, there are water park sections that are exclusively for adults, especially if the water is turbulent. However, let’s have a good look at some of the best water parks you can visit with your family, and yes, they are for all ages. 

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Splash Summit WaterPark

Splash Summit WaterPark is a highly regarded water park located in Provo, Utah. This park offers a diverse range of water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and a splash pad designed specifically for younger children. The park also provides a range of cabanas and loungers for individuals seeking a tranquil spot to unwind under the warm rays of the sun.

Top Water Parks and Aquatic Adventures in Provo UT
Source: Utah Family Adventure

The lazy river is perfect for families, offering a gentle and meandering course. It is equipped with water jets and shaded areas, providing a delightful and relaxing way to stay cool. Splash Summit is the perfect summer getaway, providing a wide range of meticulously designed and technologically advanced water attractions that cater to all interests.

The park offers three water slides, each showcasing its distinct design and providing a unique experience. The initial slide offers an exhilarating experience as riders are swiftly propelled into the refreshing pool below. The second slide features a captivating design, with elegant curves that gracefully wind and twist before culminating in a refreshing pool. The third slide offers a serene experience as riders embark on a leisurely journey through the park.

Gate Fee: Single-Day Adult $24.99, Child $17.99 (10 am – 6 pm daily)

Seven Peaks Water Park

Seven Peaks Water Park is a sprawling water park situated in the beautiful city of Provo, Utah. This park offers a diverse range of water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and a splash pad designed specifically for younger children. The park also provides a range of cabanas and loungers for individuals seeking a tranquil spot to unwind under the warm rays of the sun.

Source: Utah Family Adventure

Seven peak waterpark slides are designed with gravity-fed water systems, guaranteeing a non-stop flow that keeps riders moving at exhilarating speeds. The design features carefully calculated twists and turns that provide an exhilarating experience while ensuring safety. This is achieved through the strategic use of soft, impact-absorbing materials at key locations. The kiddie area provides a safe and enjoyable experience for young visitors with its shallow pools and miniature slides. Advanced water recycling technologies are in place to ensure that the water remains clean and safe.

Gate Fee: All-day tickets are $24.95 for guests 48 inches tall and up, and $19.95 for guests 48 inches and under; toddlers under three and seniors 65 and older are free.

Provo Beach

Provo Beach is an exceptional entertainment complex that offers a wide range of attractions beyond what you would typically find at a water park. Experience the thrill of riding the waves on our FlowRider indoor surfing simulator. With a powerful jet stream creating a continuous wave, both beginners and experts can enjoy an authentic surfing experience.

Top Water Parks and Aquatic Adventures in Provo UT

The architects designed the facility with state-of-the-art safety features to provide a secure environment for everyone. Soft landing areas and controlled water flow are just some of the measures in place to ensure safety. In addition to the water-based activities, Provo Beach provides a range of other attractions, including a ropes course, laser tag, and arcade games, ensuring that it caters to a wide range of family entertainment needs.

Gate Fee: $20 per hour per guest (Workdays: 3 pm-9 pm; Weekends: 11 am-10 pm)

Provo Rec Center

The Provo Recreation Center is a vital hub for promoting community health and wellness, offering top-notch aquatic facilities that cater to both fitness enthusiasts and families. The center equips its pools with state-of-the-art filtration systems, ensuring that swimmers enjoy pristine water.

Top Water Parks and Aquatic Adventures in Provo UT
Source: Provo Rec Center

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The lap pool maximizes efficiency with anti-turbulence lane markers and a state-of-the-art temperature control system that ensures the water remains consistently at the perfect temperature for your workout. The interactive play area is perfect for children, offering water jets and mini slides to encourage active play while ensuring their safety. The Provo Rec Center offers a fantastic selection of water-based activities and a variety of fitness and recreational facilities, making it a great option for both locals and tourists.

Gate Fee: Adults (18 – 59) – $6; Youth (3 – 17)- $5; Senior (60+) – $5

Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Cowabunga Bay Water Parks is a popular destination for both locals and tourists in Provo, providing a fun-filled aquatic experience with a nostalgic twist. The slides at the park offer a range of sensory experiences, with a mix of enclosed tubes and open-air sections for riders to enjoy as they make a splash. State-of-the-art pumping systems guarantee a reliable water flow, ensuring that each ride is just as thrilling as the previous one.

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This park offers a variety of exciting water attractions, such as a wave pool, lazy river, and multiple water slides. One of the slides is particularly thrilling, taking riders through a series of loops and twists. Cowabunga Bay is perfect for families with younger children, as it offers a dedicated kiddie area with smaller slides and water features. At Cowabunga Bay, you’ll find a fantastic water playground complete with interactive water elements such as water guns and spray nozzles. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience!

Gate Fee: Adult Day Pass (42″ Tall and above) – $44.99; Youth Day Pass (under 42″) – $32.99; Senior Day Pass (65+) – $19.99; Twilight (Summer Nights) – $29.99

Island Aqua Park

Island Aqua Park offers a unique and exciting aquatic experience with its variety of floating courses and activities. The park utilizes modular components, enabling customization and adjustment of the layout based on user feedback and popularity. Crafters create these inflatable structures from top-quality materials that resist UV rays, ensuring long-lasting durability and safety even in sunny conditions.

Top Water Parks and Aquatic Adventures in Provo UT
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We carefully craft every feature, from the climbing walls to the trampolines and slides, to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. The park’s unique design allows for easy adjustment of water depth, ensuring accessibility for all visitors, regardless of swimming ability. Discover a top-rated destination for summer, where you can experience a perfect combination of outdoor adventure and aquatic entertainment.

Gate Fee: General Admission Ticket – Online $39.99; Gate Price is $44.99; Junior  (Under 48 inches) Admission Ticket – Online $34.99 Gate Price is $44.99. For Senior & Military Ticket, both gate fees and online tickets are $34.99.

Lindon Aquatic Center

Located in the heart of Lindon, Utah, the Lindon Aquatic Center is a top-notch water park that offers state-of-the-art facilities. During the summer, families from Provo have the perfect opportunity to embark on a weekend getaway and immerse themselves in the wonders of the park. 

LAC  offers an array of thrilling water slides, a relaxing lazy river, an exciting wave pool, and a fun splash pad designed specifically for younger children. In addition to swim lessons, the park provides a variety of aquatic programs suitable for individuals of all ages, including water aerobics.

The water slides will delight thrill-seekers, as engineers have meticulously designed them to ensure an exhilarating ride while prioritizing safety. We design the slides with precise angles and flow rates, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. Younger visitors will have a blast at the splash pad area, where they can engage with interactive water features that encourage play and learning. Water jets and mini fountains add to the fun and excitement.

The designers have crafted the lap pool with marked lanes and an anti-wave feature, making it ideal for dedicated swimmers seeking a challenging workout. Throughout the summer months, the Lindon Aquatic Center transforms into a delightful haven of enjoyment, providing a wide range of activities such as swim lessons, invigorating aqua aerobics, and refreshing open swim sessions that cater to individuals of all ages.

Gate Fee: $6 for adults, $5 for 4-17yrs, and $1 for 0-3yrs


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