Have you ever wanted to simplify your life? What about being able to create more time in the day to do the stuff you want to do instead of the stuff you have to do? Well, There is a tech company coming near Regina that provides just that for farmers. 

Photo by Nicolas Veithen from Pexels

Who is the tech company?

The new tech company that is coming 17 kilometers east of Regina is called Raven Industries Inc. They specialize in farming equipment that can run autonomously. With Regina being high in agricultural production, Raven knew that this would be a great place to set up their headquarters.

What does that tech do?

The tech is run by the farmer so it does not replace the farmer. What it does is it lets the farmer have more freedom to do more things. They can either set up the system to run by itself or run it through a tablet. The tech is a machine called DOT. This machine can seed, spray, and spread without the need of having the farmer be onsite. It uses mapping to create an accurate work area to complete the tasks given it. 

Raven Autonomy: Dot Overview

What does this mean for Regina?

Well, since this tech company has chosen to come to Regina, they have mentioned a couple of great things to come. Since Regina does have a high number of agricultural production, it allows the company to have face to face interaction with the customer. This includes engaging and demonstrating their product. The second great scenario is that they are growing their business and therefore will need employment. They have said that Regina is full of great talent that have an excellent education that could help build their team.

This is a great tech company coming to Regina. They have hopes to go worldwide with their new technology. If you would like to learn more about the opening of the tech company click here. Thank you for reading and as always, if you need any help with your technology, we are here to help!