One of the greatest gifts from Mother Nature is beautiful, tourist-friendly landscapes. Utah is a US state that is characterized by three main geographical regions: the Colorado Plateau, the Basin and Ridge Region, and the Rocky Mountains. Because of this, it serves as a venue for numerous outdoor gatherings honoring American history and culture.  For instance, every February, Salt Lake City, Utah’s Salt Palace Convention Center plays host to the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy a variety of events, displays, and lectures during this four-day exhibition that honors the hunting and conservation traditions of the American West.

Hunting gear and equipment exhibitions, conservation talks, seminars, and occasionally conservation-related fundraisers are common features of these expos. Those who attend may have a chance to see cutting-edge hunting gear, hear from industry leaders, and network with others who share their interests. This Salt Lake City hunting expo will return on February 15, 2024, and this is your guide to making the most of it.  

What is the Aim and Goal of the Hunting and Conservation Expo 

Conservation efforts are critical given the increasing dangers to our planet and the loss of many animal species. As a result, the natural world and its people will be able to survive in nearly unaltered form. Talking about wildlife and the environment can assist in maintaining ecological balance and save lives.

The Western Hunting & Conservation Expo, which brings together hunters, environmentalists, and animal rights advocates under one roof, commemorates America’s hunting heritage while raising funds for critical wildlife preservation efforts. Anyone with even a passing interest in hunting or animal conservation should plan to attend this premier event each year. The location is at Salt Palace Convention Center and the Address: 100 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1404.

Western Hunting and Conservation Expo 2024: Guild to SLC’s Biggest Hunting Event 

The Expo’s major mission is to raise millions of dollars annually for critical animal conservation efforts. This funding not only helps them achieve their aims but also contributes significantly to the wider fight to safeguard America’s natural heritage.

At the Expo, hunters have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply for Utah’s highly prized limited entry big game permits for only $5 apiece. This initiative aims to instill a sense of duty and devotion to wildlife conservation by encouraging hunters to take an active part and giving them personal validation.

Hunting and environmental protection may coexist at the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo. This event brings together hunters, environmentalists, and wildlife advocates to instill a feeling of responsibility and management for our natural resources. It also produces significant funding for conservation efforts. Also, don’t leave your tech devices faulty in Salt Lake City, you can repair them and get them back the same day before attending the event. 

What are the Activities Included in the Western Hunting Expo?

The Mule Deer Foundation and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife are organizing this extraordinary event, which is more than simply a get-together; it’s a celebration of America’s hunting tradition and a dedication to wildlife conservation. Beginning on February 15th, the event will last for four days. The primary goals of the activities are hunting and environmental protection. They include exhibitions, seminars, an archery range, entertainment, and more.

Western Hunting and Conservation Expo 2024: Guild to SLC’s Biggest Hunting Event 


The Expo offers a wide range of displays showcasing the newest and most advanced hunting equipment and technology. You’ll find everything you need to boost your hunting game, from bows and arrows to guns and ammo. It’s not all about the gear, though; you’ll also get to hear from professionals in the field and pick their brains for advice on honing your hunting techniques. You will also learn from professionals what or what not to hunt, and also hunting for preservation is essential. 

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The Expo offers a broad range of lectures on topics ranging from conservation and wildlife management to hunting tactics and strategies in addition to its displays. Hunters of all experience levels may learn about ethical hunting methods, tracking techniques, and the newest developments in wildlife management. There is also a venue for education, seminars also promote a feeling of community among attendees, whose shared experiences and expertise add to the body of knowledge among shooting enthusiasts.

Archery Range

The Expo’s archery range is the perfect spot to practice your marksmanship or just have a go at this well-liked hunting method. You may try out the newest bows and arrows here, and you can get professional advice on form and technique.

All hunters, from novices to specialists, are welcome to use the archery range. You will be able to increase your accuracy and precision in no time with the assistance of knowledgeable archery teachers.

Live Animals and Wildlife Art

The chance to view and engage with live animals is among the Expo’s most distinctive and unforgettable features. You will get the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most incredible animals found in the natural world, including deer, elk, and birds of prey.

2019 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

Wildlife painters capture the spirit of each species by bringing creatures to life on canvas. In addition to providing entertainment, this tasteful fusion of live animal interactions with creative expression also helps people appreciate the significance of conservation in protecting these magnificent animals.


There’s much fun to be had at the Expo as well! You will be able to take advantage of a variety of entertainment options throughout the weekend, including live music, comedy shows, and delectable food and beverages.

The yearly costume contest with a hunting theme, where you may compete for prizes and show off your creative side, is one of the highlights of the Expo. Alternatively, you may see if you can test your hunting prowess virtually with one of the engaging and entertaining interactive hunting simulators.

Fundraising for Wildlife

Lastly, a significant source of funding for local conservation initiatives is the Western Hunting Expo. You will be able to learn about the vital work that regional conservation groups perform to safeguard and maintain our natural resources, as well as to support them, throughout the weekend.

There are several methods to participate and change the world, such as silent auctions, live auctions, and raffles. Additionally, you may feel good about your involvement because it is directly contributing to conservation initiatives, which will benefit the natural world.

Do Hunting Help with Environmental Conservations?

Absolutely. An example of how hunting may contribute to environmental protection is on display at the exhibition. Important initiatives to save and maintain animal habitats get the funds generated by the fair. Seminars and informative talks are also available on what to hunt and what not to hunt. As a result, individuals can better comprehend the environment and take precautions to protect it.

To maintain ecological balance, manage animal populations, and stop overgrazing, controlled hunting is an important tool. Many species are becoming extinct, putting the environment in jeopardy. Lectures and donations help put a stop to that, making the “Hunting and Conservation Expo” event a huge deal for Utah and Salt Lake City. This also includes implementing hunting rules and standards, safeguarding ecosystems and species, and encouraging ethical hunting methods. Contributing to the general health of natural areas, hunters actively participate in conservation initiatives.

What You Need to Know When Attending the Hunting and Conservation Expo 2024

If you love nature and wildlife, then this event is for you. However, if you are new to the event for the first time, here are the brief things you need to know when attending. Check out the Expo’s website to learn about the dates, times, and cost of tickets. Planning your day following the events schedule is another option. You’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing, so dress comfortably and wear durable shoes.

Please remember to pack your equipment if you intend to use the archery range or engage in any other hunting-related activities. Even more vital, especially while you’re spending time outside, remember to stay hydrated. Try new products, ask questions, and meet new people at the Western Hunting Expo; it’s usually an enjoyable and instructive experience.

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When is the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo 2024 in Utah?

The Hunting and Conservation Expo 2024 event is starting on February 15th, 2024, and goes on for 4 days at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Does Hunting Expo Help Environmental Conversations?

Yes, saving wildlife, environmental conservation, and ecological stability are some of the major aims of the hunting and conservation expo.

What are the Activities for the Expo 2024

The activities for the 2024 Hunting and Conservation Expo in Utah include exhibitions, fundraising for wildlife protection projects,  seminars, an archery range, entertainment, and more.