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Edzell, Saskatoon

Computer Repair in Edzell Saskatoon by TickTockTech

Don’t haul your computer downtown!

Our friendly neighborhood technicians in the Edzell Saskatoon area are right around the corner and ready to repair your computer.

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Best Reviewed Local Computer Repair Service in Edzell, Saskatoon.

As a proudly Canadian company, we’ve been servicing Edzell, Saskatoon for 28 years. Our Computer Repair technicians live in Edzell and meet with you face to face. We’ll come right to you and get the job done as you watch! There is no need to haul your computer to a computer repair store. And trying to haul your whole network or your smart appliances across town is just a joke! Leave everything where it goes, and we’ll come to you. In-house or on-site, our technicians will come to you!

Saskatoon Computer Repair Head Technician

Simran Sabhra

Head Technician