Chat GPT, Google Bard, and other common ones come to mind when talking about AI assistance tools. These tools do get updated, but they are general in their knowledge. More specifically, they designed tools for different categories of professions. Most general AI assistance tools are made for writing and generic answers. When getting to professional needs like Code editing or assistance, you will need a more specific tool designed to assist you in coding.

These tools can be stand-alone, or sometimes integrated into ChatGPT and the like. If your code in different languages, you might have different tools as they vary in specialties per language. Here are the best AI assistant tools to help your coding corrections and completions.

1. GitHub Co-Pilot

GitHub Copilot is a popular AI tool that helps engineers write code faster and more precisely. It retrieves public code from GitHub projects, allowing users to create accurate code and find problems quickly. To utilize it, simply install an extension in your choice development environment.

Copilot is compatible with IDEs such as VS Code, Neovim, and JetBrains, increasing productivity and speeding up development. Its features include code suggestions, chat interactivity, and quick auto-complete navigation. It supports several languages, including TypeScript, Golang, Python, and JavaScript.

However, Copilot has limits. It may result in code duplication, inefficient code, and difficulty developing appropriate test cases for larger applications. Individuals can expect to pay $10 per month, while corporations will pay $19. Despite its shortcomings, GitHub Copilot remains an effective tool for improving the development experience.

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2. CodeT5

CodeT5 is an open-source AI code generator made to assist developers in producing dependable, error-free code as soon as possible. There are online and offline versions for data security, and it supports languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript. 

CodeT5, which specializes in text-to-code creation, code-to-code translation, and code summarization, converts instructions written in plain language into executable code, helps with language translation, and makes code comprehension easier.

Nonetheless, users need to exercise caution because AI-generated code occasionally contains mistakes or inefficiencies. Nevertheless, CodeT5 is open-source software that gives developers a strong tool to improve their coding skills.

3. AskCodi 

AskCodi provides a full range of development tools to expedite project completion. It aids programmers in creating code blocks that are shorter, cleaner, and error-free. AskCodi is a useful tool for developing online and mobile applications. It solves code problems with efficiency and offers wise advice and support, increasing efficiency.

Programming languages supported by the tool include Python, Java, TypeScript, Rust, Ruby, Kotlin, and Scala. It helps people learn new ideas and solve problems by providing natural language solutions to programming concerns. 

It also works with IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and Visual Studio Code. AskCodi offers a $9.99 monthly membership option, however, it is free for personal use.

4. Sourcery

Sourcery is an AI-driven solution designed to increase developer productivity through the production of streamlined, well-organized code. Its capabilities for real-time error detection and code optimization support the project’s ongoing efforts to preserve code quality and uniformity. Sourcery’s criteria can be customized by developers to guarantee that their standards are met. 

Although open-source projects are the focus of the free plan, the subscription tiers provide more sophisticated features for both individual and group use. 

Instead of adopting Sourcery to replace their coding knowledge, developers should view it as a cooperative tool that they may use sparingly to improve their coding skills.

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5. accurately transcripts conversations, identifying and attributing statements to specific participants. A conference transcription tool that helps developers transcribe their conversations and avoid missing important details. This functionality allows developers to revisit discussions and extract vital elements without missing any important information.

The built-in search functionality boosts productivity by allowing users to discover specific subjects or words in the transcripts rapidly. encourages collaborative workflows by allowing developers to share transcripts with their colleagues, resulting in seamless knowledge exchange.

While the free plan provides basic capabilities, the premium Pro subscription unlocks further features for a fair $10 per user per month.’s accuracy, organization, and collaboration make it an invaluable tool in any developer’s toolset.

6. Tabnine 

Tabnine is an AI-powered code completion application that employs deep learning to provide intelligent code suggestions. It supports languages like as Java, Python, and C++ and is frequently utilized by tech behemoths such as Facebook and Google. Tabnine enables developers to write cleaner, more efficient code faster by delivering context-aware code completions.

Tabnine, which was trained using a combination of open-source data and proprietary user-contributed code, provides diversified and reliable predictions in over 25 programming languages. It improves coding by providing features such as mistake detection, code reworking assistance, and automated code description.

Tabnine offers a free option for people, while the pro plan costs $12 per user per month. This makes it an accessible and useful tool for developers who want to enhance their code productivity.

7. Amazon CodeWhisper’s

Amazon CodeWhisperer enhances developers’ coding efficiency by speeding up code composition and improving accuracy. It uses Amazon’s AI technology to suggest code segments, complete functions, and produce documentation in real-time within the IDE based on your existing code and comments.

It analyzes for code vulnerabilities, identifies difficult-to-find security concerns, and provides AI-powered fixes. CodeWhisperer supports up to 15 programming languages and interfaces with popular IDEs such as Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEA, making it both versatile and user-friendly.

Developers can use CodeWhisperer for free, and a professional plan begins at $19 per month. This makes it a handy tool for increasing coding speed, security, and general productivity.

8. OpenAI Codex 

OpenAI’s Codex is a remarkable AI tool that bridges the gap between natural language and code. Codex, leveraging the power of GPT-3, demonstrates an astounding mastery of programming languages ranging from Python to JavaScript. What distinguishes it is its ability to read simple English instructions, allowing developers to define their code requirements in intuitive, conversational language.

Codex’s AI-driven code completion features dramatically increase productivity by providing accurate and contextually appropriate suggestions to speed up the coding process. Codex’s knowledge covers a wide spectrum of programming languages and applications, thanks to a training dataset that includes billions of lines of code from GitHub.

And, as a free API, Codex is easily available to developers, allowing them to realize its transformational potential without incurring financial costs. Codex is a significant advancement in human-AI coding collaboration.

9. Plandex

Plandex manages bulk tasks involving numerous files and phases by using persistent agents. It divides difficult jobs into doable subtasks, which are then completed one after the other until the task is completed. 

This AI solution saves time on repetitive tasks by assisting with backlog clearing, navigating new technologies, and overcoming barriers. Plandex is a great tool for developers working on complex projects since it divides up large jobs into manageable chunks and approaches each one methodically. 

The program ensures that even the largest and most complex projects are completed successfully by streamlining workflow. For developers looking to optimize their workflow, Plandex is an essential tool because of its exceptional capacity for handling intricate jobs.

10. Replit

Replit improves coding by including advanced in-line suggestions, error detection and repair, and an interactive learning experience. It enables developers to write faster, learn more effectively, and produce higher-quality code. Replit, an online IDE, enables experimentation with cloud resources and includes an AI assistant dubbed “Replit Ghostwriter” for real-time code explanations, revisions, and completions.

Replit supports 16 languages, including JavaScript and Python, and provides explanations and comments for code samples. It detects errors and leads corrections to ensure accuracy. Replit’s free plan is ideal for individual usage, while the Hacker plan costs $7 per month and the Pro plan costs $20 per month, which includes additional capabilities for professional developers.

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11. PolyCoder

Polycoder, an open-source alternative to OpenAI’s Codex, has generated buzz in the developer community. This AI-powered tool is trained on a 249 GB codebase that spans 12 programming languages, demonstrating astonishing adaptability. Polycoder allows users to easily produce code for a variety of applications, including web development, machine learning, and natural language processing. 

Polycoder, available as an open-source solution, enables developers to leverage the potential of AI-driven code assistance without incurring financial costs. An alternative to the well-known Codex highlights the increasing availability of creative, community-driven tools that are transforming the landscape of code development.

12. PyCharm  

PyCharm, developed by JetBrains, is an AI-powered code completion tool that enhances coding efficiency. It supports various languages, including Java, Python, and JavaScript, and is known for its accuracy. 

PyCharm saves developers time by making intelligent code suggestions and decreasing the effort required for coding jobs. This tool’s precision and versatility make it a favorite among developers, resulting in a more enjoyable and productive coding experience. PyCharm’s powerful features and support for multiple languages considerably improve developers’ efficiency and code quality.