Internal speakers of most computer PC needs to be more. Aside from the additional sound volume, the sound delivery on most speakers is more solid than inbuilt PC speakers. Either bass or normal sound, some speakers enhance the frequencies of audio. Speakers that enhance the lowest frequencies in the music you’re listening to are subwoofer types. Bass guitars, pipe organs, deep voices, kick drums, and cinematic sound effects are instruments that use these low frequencies. Due to their ease of setup, subwoofers are quite popular for vehicle radios, PC setup tables,  and home theater systems. If you are a gamer, or professional computer user, here are some speakers with subwoofer that will meet your audio requirements. 

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1. AudioEngine A2+: Best 2.0 Speaker

The AudioEngine A2+ is a premium 2.0 speaker system that provides an excellent audio experience. It stands out as a great pick for discriminating listeners because of its solid build quality and studio-grade sound.

Under the elegant façade, the A2+ has a frequency response range of 65 Hz to 22,000 Hz, providing rounded and immersive audio. The speakers’ 30W (60W peak) power rating allows them to fill medium-sized rooms with clarity and punch, delivering an exceptionally loud output of up to 85.6 dBA.

Best Computer Speakers with Woofers to Buy

Despite its small size, the A2+ speakers’ drivers are designed to be extremely durable, sustaining their performance during lengthy use. Without a supplementary subwoofer, the bass response is surprisingly powerful and forceful.

Connectivity choices are plentiful, with the A2+ including 3.5mm analog, micro USB, RCA, and Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX support. Because of their adaptability, the speakers are perfect for various setups, including desktop workstations and home entertainment systems.

The AudioEngine A2+ costs $269, but it pays handsomely in terms of sound quality, construction reliability, and overall user experience. These speakers are ideal for audiophiles, multimedia creators, and anybody

2. Fiio SP3 BT: Best Bookshelf Speaker 

The FiiO SP3 BT bookshelf speakers deliver premium audio. Compact and powerful, these speakers weigh 3.61 kg and measure 6.4 x 4.7 x 5.1 inches.

A 1-inch tweeter and 3.5-inch mid-woofer create rich, smooth, and balanced audio in the SP3 BT. When playing games or listening to music, the frequency response and power handling provide an immersive experience.

The speakers may be placed on a desk or shelf and deliver clear, precise sound for gaming or music. The FiiO app provides firmware updates and EQ modifications via Bluetooth.

The audio was crisp and clear. Despite no subwoofer, the SP3 BT speaker has great low-end performance. These speakers are portable since they have fewer connections without a subwoofer. Their die-cast aluminum composition makes them sturdy and durable.

The FiiO SP3 BT is affordable and has a great sound profile, making it ideal for games and music. RGB lights surrounding the base enhance the experience. These gaming speakers lack deep bass, but their audio quality and longevity make them great for clarity and richness.

3. JBL Professional 305P MkII: Best for Bass

The JBL Professional 305P MkII is a high-quality studio monitor speaker built for audio enthusiasts and professionals on a budget. With an amazing maximum output power of 82 watts, these speakers are designed to provide a powerful, dynamic, and immersive listening experience.

The 305P MkII, which incorporates patented technology drawn from JBL’s acclaimed Master Reference Monitors, has upgraded transducers that result in enhanced damping for superior transient response and deep, precise bass, as well as crystal-clear highs with decreased harmonic distortion.

Best Computer Speakers with Woofers to Buy

This speaker goes through a rigorous 100-hour full-power test to assure years of consistent performance, making it a perfect choice for studio monitor speakers. It combines JBL Master Reference Monitors’ unique technology and upgraded high- and low-frequency transducers that increase damping for greater transient response, deep bass, and crisp highs with lower harmonic distortion.

When positioned near a wall or on a work surface, the new boundary EQ restores a neutral low-frequency response. The unique Slip Stream low-frequency port improves bass performance across all playback levels. The speaker’s connecting options include balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs, an input-sensitivity switch, and an adjustable volume control.

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4. Edifier G2000: Best 2.0 Gaming Speaker 

The Edifier G2000 speakers provide a great acoustic experience for gamers. With its 2.0 speaker arrangement, they provide a wide frequency response from 98Hz to 22,000Hz, resulting in a well-balanced soundscape. The 16-watt (32-watt peak) power rating delivers plenty of loudness without distortion.

Each speaker has modest dimensions of 5.12 x 4.13 x 4.2 inches, making it ideal for individuals with limited space. The available connectivity choices include 3.5mm analog, USB-A, and Bluetooth 5.1. There are 12 illumination options, which are controlled via buttons on the side, however, they are not as flexible as software controls.

While the G2000s are optimized for gaming, they may not be ideal for music. Each speaker includes a 2.75-inch driver that handles both high and low frequencies, skewing the sound toward the bass. However, they are competent for most audio tasks. These speakers, which cost roughly $110, are an excellent value for gamers looking for reliable performance without breaking the bank. They are available in a variety of hues, including pink, red, and white, at a modest premium.

Despite several shortcomings, such as an unpleasant startup sound and smudge-prone exterior shells, the Edifier G2000 speakers deliver high-quality sound with a gaming focus. They are long-lasting and loud enough for most gaming demands, making them an excellent value for budget-conscious gamers.

5.  Creative Labs Pebble X: Best Speaker Under $100

Creative Labs’ Pebble X speakers are small, great-sounding, and inexpensive. These 5.48 x 5.37 x 5.19-inch speakers, which use 2.75-inch full-range drivers, emit 60 watts and sound surprisingly strong for their size. RGB lighting improves the appearance by offering 16.8 million color options and six built-in lighting presets.

Despite their low price, the Pebble X speakers sound fantastic. The speakers include Bluetooth 5.3 and a 3.5mm AUX input. They deliver 15W RMS power to a PC via USB-C, which may be upgraded to 30W RMS and 60W peak via a 30W or higher USB PD converter (not included).

The $90 Pebble X speakers, with their matte black spherical design, add flair to your workspace while taking up little room. The Pebble X Plus, which has a small subwoofer, costs $130 and sounds louder. The driver’s elevation of 45° guarantees proper audio projection.

Creative has enhanced the Pebble V3 series, which costs $35. Older models were less expensive, but the latest Pebble X series has better audio and more functionality. Creative Pebble X speakers are ideal for budget-conscious users seeking good sound and stylish design, while the Pebble X Plus provides additional bass and a superior music experience.

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6. Steel Series Arena 3: Cheap PC Speaker for Gamers

The SteelSeries Arena 3 speakers are a great option for budget-conscious gamers looking for high-quality audio. Each speaker weighs 1.04 kilograms and is 4.57 x 5.98 x 7.95 inches, with 4-inch woofers. They support Bluetooth and 3.5mm connectivity, providing a variety of usage possibilities.

SteelSeries’ entry-level speakers give an expansive soundstage and solid mid-range performance, albeit the bass isn’t intense and the high end is slightly veiled. The SteelSeries Sonar Audio Suite enriches the experience with a parametric EQ, which allows for more detailed audio changes than ordinary gaming speakers.

Best Computer Speakers with Woofers to Buy

The Sonar Audio Suite, which includes a powerful parametric EQ, is one of these speakers’ most notable features. This allows users to tailor the sound characteristic to their individual preferences, which is uncommon in the budget gaming speaker industry.

Connectivity is diverse, featuring Bluetooth and 3.5mm analog inputs for seamless integration with a wide range of devices, from gaming PCs to mobile phones.

Despite being Steelseries’ most basic option, the Arena 3 speakers deliver impressive performance. These speakers are a wonderful solution for budget-conscious gamers who want an immersive and adaptable sound setup.

7. Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT

The Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT is a powerful yet compact desktop display system that is ideal for both DJing and music creation. With a built-in amplifier and a 5-inch woofer, it produces strong bass and crisp, balanced sound. The system allows you to choose between DJ and Production modes, ensuring the best audio quality for each activity. Connectivity is diverse, featuring RCA and mini-jack ports for multiple devices and Bluetooth for wireless convenience.

The DM-50D-BT speakers have a front-panel headphone connection and a level knob for easy control, making them user-friendly. Their small size makes them ideal for desktop use, and the speakers provide outstanding sound quality, particularly for voices and acoustic instruments, at this price point.

The built-in Bluetooth connectivity provides for easy device integration, and the signal-sensing inputs offer smart speaker capability when connected to a suitable hub.

The back contains three types of analog audio inputs, including balanced connectors, while the front houses a volume/power knob and a headphone jack.

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8. Cyber Acoustics SP34 BT

The Cyber Acoustics SP34 BT speaker system features a dynamic 2.1 arrangement and programmable LED lighting, allowing you to sync with your gear, environment, or mood. This adaptable system is great for desktop computers, game rooms, dorm dorms, and home offices. The LED lights may switch between green, blue, red, purple, yellow, light blue, white, and a continuous color-changing mode.

Best Computer Speakers with Woofers to Buy

These speakers have a peak power of 32W and an RMS power of 16W, so they can fill any space with outstanding sound. Each satellite boasts dual 2-inch dynamic speakers for high-quality audio, and the powerful subwoofer provides deep, rich bass, making it ideal for music, movies, and gaming. The sleek design features a piano black finish and LED driving rings for a classy touch.

The system has simple Bluetooth connectivity and centralized controls on the subwoofer for ease. You can simply access Bluetooth pairing, LED color selection, power, volume, treble, and bass changes, as well as different input connections. The SP34 BT is great for individuals seeking an attractive, adaptable speaker system with high sound quality and simple networking.

How to Select the Best Computer Speaker for Your Needs 

When choosing computer speakers, there are several important elements to consider. To begin with, the type of speaker configuration is critical. A 2.1 system, which comprises two primary speakers and a dedicated subwoofer, can deliver a more powerful and immersive bass response than a standard 2.0 configuration. This increased low-frequency presence can dramatically improve the listening experience, especially for music, movies, and games that rely on powerful audio.

Connectivity choices are also crucial. While some higher-end speakers may have USB connectivity, which allows for a direct digital signal flow, many speakers still use analog connections. In the event of a 2.1 or surround sound setup, ensure your computer’s built-in audio supports the necessary configuration, or consider acquiring a separate sound card to accommodate the extra channels.

Placement is another important consideration. Subwoofers are often meant to be placed on the floor due to their downward-firing design, which relies on the surface to efficiently distribute low frequencies. Positioning the subwoofer near the desk, but not directly on it, can help to reduce unpleasant vibrations and deliver the best bass experience.

Furthermore, the size and form factor of the speakers and subwoofer should be compatible with the available space on your desk or in your setup. Larger speakers and subwoofers can provide more powerful music, but they may not be practicable in a confined location. Alternatively, tiny and well-constructed speakers can provide excellent audio performance without taking up too much space on your desk.

Branding is also a significant consideration. Regarding brand selection, it is generally recommended to go with well-known manufacturers with a track record of creating high-quality computer audio solutions. This can assure dependable performance, constant sound quality, and access to customer support if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Brand is best for Computer Speakers 

Some of the best computer speaker brands to go for are Logitech, Creative, Razer, Audio Engine, and Harmon Kardon are well-known for their high-quality speakers. Stick with well-known brands with a proven track record to ensure good quality and performance.

Should I Buy Speakers with subwoofers for my Computer?

Yes, if you want greater bass and a more immersive music experience, you should consider purchasing subwoofer-equipped computer speakers. A 2.1 system with a subwoofer can considerably increase audio quality, particularly for games, movies, and music that require deeper bass.

What features should I look for in Computer Speakers 2024?

You should look for computer speakers with digital connectivity options such as USB, Optical, or Bluetooth. A remote control or control pod might help you alter settings without disrupting your operations. Consider the size and positioning flexibility of the speakers, and choose angled or stand-mounted types for optimal sound transmission.