Artificial intelligence is no doubt the technology of the future. Many previous technologies have incorporated AI into the platform. Every aspect of the industry has been making use of AI models and algorithms for more than a decade now, but since 2021, there have been many breakthroughs in AI research. Developed countries like the US and Canada have been leading in multiple AI research. Canada being one of the top places with multiple AI companies signifies their readiness for the future. One of the cities in Canada with striving AI industries and tech startups is Ottawa

In Ottawa, the Canadian government has vigorously promoted the progress of AI. The Canadian government established the Canadian AI Association (CAIAC) to promote the growth of AI in Canada, and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) funds various AI-related research initiatives and programs. Is Ottawa becoming Canada’s AI capital? Which Ottawa-based firms are doing deep AI research? Let us seek some answers

Evolution of AI in Ottawa 

Over the last decade, Ottawa’s digital environment has undergone significant transformation, thanks to collaborative initiatives from the public, business, and academic sectors. The roots of Ottawa’s AI revolution were sowed in the early 2010s when the city’s universities and research institutions began dedicating cash to AI research.

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The National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the University of Ottawa, and Carleton University were among the first academic institutions to establish AI research centers and programs. The city quickly became a hub for AI research and development as a result of these institutions’ capacity to attract top talent from all around the world. Furthermore, projects like the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy have funded AI research and development, putting Ottawa at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Parliament Hill meets AI Hill: Can Ottawa Become Canada’s AI Capital 

Furthermore, Ottawa’s research facilities for computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning have become innovation hotspots, attracting highly trained professors and students eager to contribute to the field of artificial intelligence. Ottawa is currently one of the most rapidly rising hubs for AI research and business. It will compete in the AI innovation race against cities such as Toronto and Montréal.

Top 5 AI Companies and Research Centers in Ottawa 

Some of the top 5 AI companies based in Ottawa include Humanata Inc., MindBridge AI,, Braiyt.AI, and BlueWave AI

1. Humanata Inc

Humanata Inc. is an AI company situated in Ottawa. The business has been creating AI-driven support and customer service automation solutions since 2017. An AI-powered chatbot that responds to customer inquiries in conversational English is the main offering from Humanata.

Its research focuses on strong machine learning and natural language processing algorithms that can understand natural language and respond to customer inquiries. In addition to publishing several academic papers, the Humanata team of skilled software engineers and AI specialists has received numerous patents for NLP and machine learning technologies.

Humanata’s ultimate goal is to help businesses save time and money by using AI to automate customer service and support tasks. Humanata has the personnel and state-of-the-art technology to accomplish this goal and lead the AI industry.

2. MindBridge AI

MindBridge AI is a Canadian company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and is based in Ottawa. Founded in 2015, their primary goal is to transform the financial industry by developing cutting-edge AI solutions. MindBridge AI seeks to improve audit and financial analysis procedures through the utilization of machine learning and AI technologies. Their platform is designed to help auditors identify anomalies and potential risks in financial data, making the auditing process more efficient.

MindBridge AI has been widely acknowledged for its significant contributions to the AI industry, specifically in the fields of finance and auditing. Their dedication to pushing forward AI research and technology highlights their position as a leading figure in the Canadian AI scene.


The Ottawa, Canada-based AI consulting firm helps companies in a wide range of sectors with AI strategy, implementation, and scaling up. Since its 2018 founding, has made significant strides in the artificial intelligence business.

Research and experience in artificial intelligence strategy and roadmapping is one of their primary areas of focus. They assist customers in determining which AI solutions would best suit their business objectives and create individualized plans for implementing those solutions. They assist in cloud migration and provide AI implementation services, including data analysis and model deployment. Also offer AI scale-up services. consistently proves its AI project delivery prowess with a 300% ROI and 95% success rate. Additionally, Clutch. co. acknowledged them as one of the leading AI firms in Canada.

4. Braiyt.AI is an AI-powered video analytics platform that automates processes and provides real-time insights to companies in smart cities, healthcare, retail, and more. Using a camera’s range of vision,’s technology can detect and identify items, and then provide organizations with actionable insights to help them optimize their operations.

In its two years on the market, has garnered a slew of accolades for its ground-breaking AI product. No photographs of individuals are recorded or used by the firm due to its dedication to protecting people’s privacy.

5. BlueWave AI

Based in Ottawa Innovative AI technologies are created by BluWave AI. The 2019-founded company creates and implements AI-powered solutions for retail, finance, and healthcare. The solution from BluWave AI uses machine learning algorithms to examine large datasets and provide enterprises with insightful data.

The company studies strong artificial intelligence systems that can learn from complex data sets and produce precise forecasts and recommendations. The data scientists and AI experts of BluWave AI have spoken at prestigious conferences and published several research papers on AI and machine learning.

The goal of BluWave AI is to revolutionize businesses by providing AI-powered solutions that enhance operations, growth, and decision-making. BluWave AI’s advanced technology and skilled workforce will enable it to accomplish this goal and rule the AI industry. ATA Inc.

The Future of AI in Ottawa 

Ottawa is well-positioned for a promising future in the field of AI, thanks to the government’s strong commitment and support, as well as the presence of thriving AI companies in the city. The rapid evolution of AI positions Ottawa to have a significant impact on shaping the landscape of AI innovation in Canada and beyond. The synergy between academia, government, and industry fosters an environment that promotes continuous progress in AI research and development. Ottawa’s path to becoming Canada’s AI capital is characterized by a strong dedication to excellence, innovation, and the profound impact of artificial intelligence.

Parliament Hill meets AI Hill: Can Ottawa Become Canada’s AI Capital 

Academia, industry, and government in Ottawa are collaborating to fuel the advancement of cutting-edge AI technologies and applications, propelling the city towards becoming a prominent hub for AI talent and investment.

FAQs on AI in Canada 

How much does an AI consultant make in Ottawa?

AI consultants in Ottawa, Canada may make excellent salaries of $70,000 to $120,000 or more per year.

Which Canadian city is best for AI?

Several Canadian cities are major centers for AI research and development. Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal are well-known for their robust AI communities, as well as their prestigious universities and research organizations.

How much will it cost to study artificial intelligence in Canada in 2024?

On average, overseas students should expect to pay CAD 20,000 to CAD 45,000 per year for AI-related studies. Furthermore, international students may have various fee systems.