A computer is a machine which can face issues at any time of the day. Anyone can get annoyed to extent that they can feel like throwing it out of their window. But it is not a solution to your problem as gadgets or machines are unpredictable. It is very common for them to get damaged as they also need regular service, maintenance or repair so getting it fixed is not a challenging task.

When it comes to using a gadget, one should know the various problems which your computer may face. It helps you to understand the different aspects of your gadget. Below, the blog states some of the common difficulties which indicate that you should consult a technician for home computer repair in Toronto:

Slow Computer:

It is one of the most common problems. A slow working computer can hinder anyone and create a delay in your work. One needs to make sure that whether the slow computer is due to the slow working internet or something is wrong with the machine.

There are chances that some high storage programs or viruses and malware are slowing down your system. In that case, you need to free some of the space which can help the windows to create files while running. It is necessary that you should have enough space because not having much space can result in poor performance of the system.

Slow Download Speed:

Slow download speed can be disturbing so, you must identify the reason why is it happening. You can visit a speed testing website and run a speed test which helps you to determine the downloading speed.

If it is due to the internet issue then, reset your modem or contact to the internet provider but, if it is not then, check the network hardware for the latest updates. After, downloading the updates, it will help you to gain the desired speed.

Check your internet speed here.

Hard Drive Failure:

You never know when your hard drive may face issues so, better prepare yourself. It can lead to serious issues but, the good thing is the hard drives can be replaceable.

All the program files can easily be recovered but, restoring the personal documents, pictures, videos, and other essential data then it can create a huge problem. Thus, it is necessary to keep backup files because hard drives can fail at any time, whether old or new.

Strange Noises:

Computers and other gadgets are never silent as the internal parts make noises while functioning or working. For example- Optical disk drives or mechanical hard drives create noises when powering up but, instead of that, the parts start making noises when they are broken or damaged.

Blue Screen of Death:

It is a STOP error related to Microsoft Windows. When a blue screen comes on your computer with a white text then, it is an indication of a serious problem.

The blue screen error may appear on your screen for various reasons including failing hardware, damaged software, corrupt DLL files or due to the problems with drivers so all you need to do is reboot your system. The error also provides you with some of the codes which can be helpful in identifying the issue and then fixing it.


It is obvious for a machine to gets heat up which includes CPU, hard drives, graphics cards, and even the motherboard. But, when the heat inside the computer gets too much then, it can cause a serious issue which results in damaging the internal parts. Therefore, it is better to be careful or consult a or technician for laptop or mobile computer repair, Toronto.

Now you know the problems, read this article to avoid the problems in the first place.