Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the newest technology. In the world we live in it is changing so fast. It almost is like the instant you finally get a new phone or computer, it is outdated after a few months. It is an incredible time to live but can also be super frustrating. The bonus is that they have affordable ways to keep up with the newest tech without breaking the bank. Apple has a great system put in place to do just that. 

The system has many different ways to help with the ever increasing pace of the technology boom. One of these is a trade-in option. If you have a phone, they will give you money off of the newest phone so it is a lot cheaper. You can save up to $700 off the new phone. Another option they have is a monthly payment plan. This can be more affordable and for the newest iPhone coming out. 

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Newest iPhone

The newest iPhone that is coming out is called the Iphone 13 and the Iphone 13 Mini. There are several new tech additions to the iPhone 13. The camera is better. The new wide camera comes with the biggest sensor ever. It is capable of gathering 47 percent more light for less noise and brighter results. The camera also has a better stabilization tech so the pictures can be taken without being blurry. 

The new iPhone also has a longer battery life, faster engine, and has more ability to get the 5G signal that we all want. Unfortunately 5G isn’t exactly available everywhere yet but the fact that they have better tech to pick up that signal is great. 

This iPhone is actually going to be available today to preorder and will come out September 24, 2021

Newest iPad Mini

The newest iPad Mini has been announced and is available today to order and will also be coming out the same day as the iPhone 13. 

“With its ultra-portable design and wide range of uses from everyday tasks to creative and enterprise applications, there’s nothing else like iPad mini,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With a new all-screen Liquid Retina display, massive boost in performance, new advanced cameras on the front and back, Center Stage, USB-C, 5G, and support for Apple Pencil, the new iPad mini is a huge leap forward that can be held in the palm of your hand.”

Newest Apple Watch

Apple has released the new Series 7 watch. It has a larger display screen allowing for better functionality. It also has a longer battery life and faster charging capabilities. Another cool feature it has is the new keyboard feature. As always, they put wellness into the heart of the watch. There is another cool feature that knows when you fall and can call for help if you do not move within a minute. 

With all the new advancements with Apple alone, there is a lot to keep up with. So, if you are finding yourself in a tech problem and cannot get it fixed, please feel free to reach out. TickTockTech has amazing service and free no-hassle estimates.