Many professional computer users, including forex and crypto traders, love to have big screen space. Not only does this contribute larger views and resolutions, but also convenience. As of 2024, the biggest laptop screen is 18 inches in size. While you can expand with screen extenders, having your laptop connected to a monitor will be more beneficial. A laptop essentially becomes a mini desktop when it is connected to a display. You’ll be able to multitask more effectively, enjoy more screen real estate for work or gaming, and sit in an ergonomic position while working. Most Monitor are good for trading, but it’s best to get multitasking ones.

Given that the typical monitor can easily display four separate charts, many traders may use three or four monitors to keep track of as many metrics as possible without switching between windows. Either one monitor or an array of monitors is your choice as a trader, here are the 8 best monitors for traders in 2024. 

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1. LG 29-inch WFHD Monitor

A 29-inch ultrawide display with a resolution of 2560 x 1080, the LG 29UM69G is ideal for cryptocurrency trading. Its aspect ratio of 21:9 allows for the side-by-side of many trading windows, increasing efficiency. Smooth performance is achieved amid rapid market movements thanks to the 75Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology.

Best Monitor for Trading in 2024

Although the IPS panel lacks the highest contrast for dimly lit areas, it guarantees clarity with true colors and wide viewing angles. Although the fashionable stand is compact and lacks a height adjustment feature, ergonomic comfort may be compromised. 

It is made of plastic, and the monitor feels sturdy and has a sleek appearance on the back, however, it does collect fingerprints. The LG 29UM69G is a fantastic addition to any trading setup for traders who want a powerful, immersive display.

2. Dell S3423 34-inch Curved Monitor

The Dell S3423DWC is a 34-inch curved monitor with a UWQHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a 21:9 aspect ratio. Its 109 PPI guarantees crisp text and clear images, which are required for studying market data. 

The VA panel has deep blacks and a high contrast ratio, which improves the visibility of details in trading charts. With AMD FreeSync compatibility and a 100Hz frame rate, it can easily manage occasional gaming and frequent trading. 

The monitor’s curved form (1800R) provides an immersive viewing experience, ideal for extended screen time. Connectivity options include USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI connectors, allowing for a simple multi-device setup, which is critical in a dynamic trading environment. 

Additionally, Dell’s Easy Arrange function neatly organizes several program windows. Despite its limited ergonomic adjustments, the Dell S3423DWC is a flexible and immersive display that increases productivity.

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3. Acer Nitro 27-inch Curved Monitor 

The Acer Nitro ED270RM is a low-cost 27-inch curved monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate that is great for immersive gaming and multitasking. Its VA panel has a high contrast ratio of 3,000:1, providing deep blacks and rich colors that are ideal for viewing vivid images. The 1500R curvature improves the viewing experience by enveloping the chart display and enabling multiple trade analyses. The screen has Full HD resolution, which produces vivid and vibrant images, although text may not be as sharp owing to the reduced pixel density.

This device contains handy features like integrated speakers, an ergonomic stand with height, tilt, and swivel adjustments, and a wide range of connectivity choices, including DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 connectors. The display also supports AMD FreeSync, which provides smooth, tear-free pictures during high-frame rate activities. Overall, the Acer Nitro ED270RM is a fantastic choice for individuals looking for a cheap, high-refresh-rate curved display for a variety of software.

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4. Z-Edge 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

If it’s good for gaming, it’s good for everything, including trading. A 27-inch curved monitor that completely changes the way you perceive images. Your games and graphics activities will look better because of its VA panel’s amazing 3,000:1 contrast ratio, which offers richer details and deeper blacks. You feel fully immersed in the action as the 1500R curvature encircles your field of vision.

Best Monitor for Trading in 2024

The 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms reaction time of the ED270RM make fast-paced images fluid and free of blur, which is ideal for gaming. includes support for AMD FreeSync as well.

While it might not provide the crispest text on a 27-inch screen, a 1920×1080 resolution is still excellent for gaming and viewing videos. For the ideal configuration, you may change the height, tilt, and swivel of the display using its ergonomic stand. It’s easy to connect your gadgets thanks to DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 connections. Performance and cost-effectiveness combine to make this monitor an excellent choice for a variety of tasks.

5. SAMSUNG 32-Inch Odyssey G50D

The SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G50D is also a game changer for cryptocurrency traders. Its QHD resolution provides 1.7 times the pixel density of Full HD, resulting in very clear and detailed images. Colors remain brilliant and clear regardless of viewing angle when using a fast IPS screen.

The 180Hz refresh rate and 1ms reaction time provide crisp, lag-free images, allowing traders to respond quickly to market developments. The VESA DisplayHDR 400 improves contrast, showing hidden features even in the darkest charts, which is critical for correct analysis.

AMD Radeon FreeSync maintains your display in sync with your graphics card, preventing visual tearing and providing a smooth workflow throughout long trading sessions.

The Odyssey G5 is designed for comfort, adjusting for the ideal viewing angle while reducing eye strain with Eye Saver Mode and screen flicker. This display is not only for gaming; it is ideal for the rigorous atmosphere of cryptocurrency trading, guaranteeing that you never miss a beat.

6. HP Series 5 24-inch Monitor 

For crypto traders demanding clarity and accuracy, the HP Series 5 24-inch Monitor is ideal. Its sleek, compact form fits easily into any workstation and allows for side-by-side configurations. The 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution on a 23.8″ screen gives sharp, clear graphics, which is essential for examining fine details in trading charts.

Best Monitor for Trading in 2024

The IPS screen provides constant visual quality from every angle, and the 99% sRGB color gamut allows for accurate color reproduction with no effort. Its 1500:1 contrast ratio emphasizes tiny color changes, shadows, and highlights, improving your visual experience. The 300 nits brightness level maintains clarity in all lighting circumstances, while the 100 Hz refresh rate allows for seamless transitions during real-time data monitoring.

HP Eye Ease with Eyesafe certification reduces blue light, keeping your eyes comfy throughout extended trading sessions. The adjustable tilt stand allows for more ergonomic viewing, which increases productivity. With two 2W speakers built in, it provides a comprehensive and immersive experience, making it ideal for a demanding trading environment.

7. MSI Optix G321 Curved Trading Monitor

The MSI Optix G321 Curved Trading Monitor will improve your cryptocurrency trading experience. With its 32-inch VA panel and 1500R curve, this cost-effective 4K behemoth will fully submerge you in the volatile world of bitcoin markets.

With its blazing-fast refresh rate of 144 Hz, the G321 offers rapid, fluid performance that lets you respond quickly to changes in the market. Savor smooth VRR support to ensure that, even in volatile times, your trading session doesn’t rip or stutter.

Despite being mostly made for gaming, this adaptable display has features made specifically for today’s traders. You may watch numerous trading platforms at once with the Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture modes, and your setup is made simpler with the USB-C port’s DisplayPort Alt Mode.

With its low input latency and respectable contrast ratio, the G321 offers a clear, visually captivating experience that is ideal for identifying minute price changes and trading signals. For the astute cryptocurrency trader, this curved display presents an alluring mix of performance and value despite its affordable pricing.

8. Apple Studio Display Pro

The Apple Studio Display is a great monitor option for crypto trading who use Macs or iPads. With its magnificent 27-inch 5K screen, it provides crisp and bright graphics, which are critical for evaluating market charts. The display’s integrated 12MP ultrawide camera and six-speaker array provide high-quality video chats and precise audio, improving communication and attention during trading sessions.

Best Monitor for Trading in 2024

This monitor’s sleek, stylish appearance and integrated wire management make it ideal for any workstation. The presence of several USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 connections expands communication choices. However, it does not provide height adjustment by default, which might be troublesome when constructing an ergonomic configuration.

Although the Studio Display is primarily intended for Apple devices, it may also serve as a secondary display for non-Apple PCs, albeit at a premium cost. For Mac users, its rich capabilities and easy integration justify the cost, making it a leading choice for a productive trading environment.

Tips on Setting up a Monitor for Trading 

The size of your trading monitor is significant. A single laptop, four tiny PC screens, two PCs with six small screens, and a laptop with one small external screen were tested. The laptop and little external screen worked fine for a while. Experienced traders recommend using at least one large monitor to examine more price history, especially crucial support and resistance zones that smaller screens may miss.

Upgrading to a 28″ LED TV or Monitor as an external monitor improves trading by displaying a longer price history. Price history is more visible on a larger display. The disparity between smaller and bigger displays is almost ludicrous. This comprehensive perspective highlights key trading support and resistance levels.

Resolution is important in monitor choosing. Make sure your monitor is 1080p. When converted to 1080p, a 720p television may appear weird. Avoid 4K monitors for trading since the graphics card may struggle, resulting in lost money.

A monitor desk mount saves space while improving sight. A dual mount allows for future monitor additions. Some monitors have recessed screw holes that require special mounting screws that may be purchased online. Apple MacBook users require a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable to connect to their monitor.

Many traders feel that larger displays are useful. 32-inch monitors are popular in many trade organizations. Consider joining a Facebook trading community to share your setups with other traders. These approaches help to increase trade efficiency and productivity.