We all get viruses now and again. Imagine if the human body started getting computer viruses! Every year we are seeing more and more technology implanted into the human body. Most of this is to replace life sustaining functions. However, cyber implants meant to augment or improve performance have also been installed…or implanted…or whatever… This includes things like data storage for personal or healthcare information and touchscreens under our skin. Because of this, it’s not surprising that we also see computer viruses now implanted into humans.

According to the Victoria Advocate, only a few years ago, a British Researcher implanted a chip under his skin implanted with a virus. He was able to interact with his cell phone and security doors without needing the security cards normally used. Human enhancement is not on the fringe anymore. Wireless devices are being put into our homes, business, and even our clothes, glasses and watches. This means the potential security risks are high!

Therefore, some malcontent with the right cyber implant could easily walk through a subway or crowded mall, stealing personal information, credit cards, and everything else we keep on our phones without us even know it. On top of that, any door to door sales man could be hacking our home network by simply entering into the networks range.

This technology seems very Star Trek. However, as with any hacker, if it’s lucrative enough, malcontents with the right skills will utilize it. This means we need to use proper cybersecurity and avoid pitfalls on the simple security options.