Imagine working on a project on your computer system and accidentally deleting that file instead of saving it. Yes, such scenarios are frequent to happen with many people nowadays. We will also see cases when people have voluntarily deleted some data off their PC but after some time, they realized that they need it back. While some data is irrecoverable, recovering deleted data is usually possible. You should consider how and when the data was deleted. Those who seek computer repair services in Victoria for data recovery should be aware of these tips.

Before embarking on the tips on how to recover deleted data, you should ensure whether you have actually deleted the data permanently or you have only replaced it. One can do this by simply checking in the recycle bin or searching through the file explorer. In case, the files were stored in a cloud storage service, you never know if the file is still recoverable from your account on the cloud services’ website.

Search Through the Backups

Regular backups are common to be there in every app & system. First search for these., so if there are any in your system, search through them to recover the deleted file. Having a backup is a must and if it is not there, then users can land up having nothing in their hand despite putting lots of efforts. Windows also have some in-built backup tools like “File History” that users can use to restore the critical files that they must have deleted accidentally. The best thing about this tool is, it allows the recovery of deleted and old versions of files but only if it was being enabled manually.

Use File Recovery Software

There are two components namely magnetic hard drives and solid-state drives that decide whether the data is recoverable or not. Once the file is deleted from a magnetic hard drive, it doesn’t get deleted immediately. It is left to be overwritten over time. Contrarily, if it has been deleted from a solid-state drive, it will be gone forever immediately due to the simultaneous commands of TRIM to free up space. Fortunately, those will traditional PCs can take a breath of relief because years old solid-state drives don’t support TRIM hence increasing the chances of recovery. From a magnetic hard drive, one can recover deleted data by shutting down the PC and booting the file recovery live CD or USB, as the safest method.

Consider Professional Data Recovery Services

First thing first, shut down the windows immediately to prevent more data from getting written off and diminishing the possibilities of restoration. Then, if the foregoing methods fail to retrieve the critical data, you should consider professional data recovery services. These are not the ideal services that one should go for unless the data cost a fortune to a person or business. It is because the amount these professionals charge costs a lot of bucks and also not guarantee the ultimate restoration.

Computers are prone to several break downs and need the support of different technicians providing computer screen repair in Victoria or any other repair services like the foregoing are the supporting tips that a tech geek gives to everyone who has deleted their files accidentally.