The Brigham Young University men’s basketball team, also known as the BYU Cougars, has an impressive NCAA Division I basketball history. They’ve established an amazing legacy through a string of conference titles, a constant appearance in NCAA tournaments, and victories in NIT tournaments. As they enter the 2024 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament, the Cougars embark on a new chapter loaded with obstacles and opportunities to display their talent on a larger scale.

BYU Cougars 

Since its founding in 1902, the men’s basketball team of Brigham Young University, known as the BYU Cougars, has a rich and illustrious history in NCAA Division I basketball. The squad has won three conference tournaments, 27 conference titles, and two NIT tournament championships (1951 and 1966). The Cougars have also taken part in 29 NCAA tournaments. They began their adventure in the Mountain West Conference, where they remained for 12 seasons before relocating to the West Coast Conference in 2011. The Big 12 Conference cordially accepted BYU in 2021, ushering in a new era starting with the 2023–24 season.

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The team persevered in the face of difficulties, including the COVID-19 pandemic’s 2020 cancelation of postseason play. In the 2020–21 season, they made a remarkable recovery, finishing with a 20–6 record. They earned their first No. 6 seed in the NCAA tournament since 2015. Coach Pope added standout players like Alex Barcello. He also brought in transfers Brandon Averette and Matt Haarms. This was after several important players graduated. The team demonstrated aggressiveness and flexibility. They did this while competing in the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Big 12 Men’s Tournament 2024

This year’s Big 12 Tournament, which will take place at the T-Mobile Center in St. Louis, is expected to feature intense competition. Experts anticipate that selectors will choose nine conference teams to play in the NCAA tournament. Houston’s primary opponents are Iowa State, the No. 2 seed, with whom the Cougars split their season series, and other top 25 teams such as Kansas, BYU, and Baylor, ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

Among the prominent challengers is BYU, which is ranked as the fifth seed. All teams, including BYU, want to show off their strengths and secure a berth in March Madness, with the Big 12 Tournament acting as an important prelude to the NCAA tournament. Completing the highly competitive field are Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma, and TCU. There is an extra element of suspense and excitement to the proceedings because the tournament winner receives an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. SB Nation pledges to provide fans with in-depth coverage throughout the tournament, starting on Tuesday.

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BYU Row in the Big 12 Men’s Tournament 2024

An upcoming game against UCF presents a critical Quad-Two opportunity for BYU as it seeks to enhance its tournament resume. A potential Quad-Three showdown with Oklahoma State looms as a vital game for BYU to keep its unblemished record in Quad-Three and Four games this season.

Should BYU win its first game on Wednesday morning, the squad will advance to the quarterfinals. Texas Tech, the fourth seed, will face a difficult matchup there. This highly anticipated game is scheduled for Thursday morning and will be shown on ESPN or ESPN2.

Meanwhile, Houston won the tournament’s top seed with a dominant victory against No. 14 Kansas, which faces uncertainty due to critical player injuries. Notably, Kansas’ leading scorer, Kevin McCullar, and standout big man, Hunter Dickinson, have both suffered severe health setbacks.


The 2024 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament kicks off. The BYU Cougars are at a pivotal moment. Their basketball history reaches a critical point. Seasoned leadership and new talent position them well. They are set to make a significant impact. They face tough opponents in their battles. Their quest for greatness presses on. All eyes will be on BYU. Observers are eager to see if they can turn their rich history into success. This is in one of college basketball’s most competitive conferences.