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Welcome to TickTockTech – Computer Services Winnipeg, your trusted local partner for all computer-related needs. We’re a Geek Squad alternative, offering the same high-quality computer services at a lower price.

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      TickTockTech Computer Services Winnipeg, Manitoba

      In Winnipeg, Manitoba, we are well-known as the leading computer repair shop. At TickTockTech, we’ve earned this reputation through our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our valued customers. Our team of experienced technicians specializes in various aspects of computer repair, from tackling complex data recovery tasks to the removal of computer viruses. Additionally, we offer preventive maintenance services to keep your computer running smoothly and prevent costly repairs.

      We understand the importance of a fully functional computer, whether for personal or business use. This is why we prioritize customer service by taking the time to understand your needs and recommending solutions within your budget. Furthermore, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our work, ensuring you receive the best value.

      Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, and discover how we can assist you with your computer repair needs, providing quick and efficient resolutions to any issues.

      Geek Squad Computer Services Alternative in Winnipeg, Manitoba

      Why settle for less when you can have the best? We proudly serve as a Geek Squad alternative in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offering superior computer repairs and tech support. At TickTockTech, we’re dedicated to providing reliable and prompt assistance that sets us apart from the competition.

      Best Computer Repair Shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba

      TickTockTech is your one-stop destination for computer services in Winnipeg. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from basic computer repair to data recovery and IT support. We understand the frustration that comes with malfunctioning computers, and we’re here to provide top-tier services that get your digital world back on track.

      Don’t let computer issues disrupt your life or business operations any longer. We aim to deliver comprehensive computer services in Winnipeg, ensuring the seamless operation of your digital world.

      Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we’re committed to delivering top-notch solutions for all your computer needs. Contact us today at (204) 818-2271 to schedule an appointment or receive immediate assistance.

      Computer Services Alternative in Winnipeg, Manitoba

      Same Day Service

      We offer same-day service on most repairs. We understand your computer is an essential tool, so we want to get it back to you quickly.

      Free Onsite Estimate

      We offer free onsite estimates on all repairs. We’ll come to your place and assess the damage to your computer before we give you an estimate.

      Discount Pricing Structure

      We offer a discount pricing structure for every resident in Winnipeg. We also offer a loyalty program that rewards you for your business.

      Money Back Guarantee

      If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with TickTockTech, cancel within the first half hour of the scheduled service and do not pay. Period!

      Top Computer Services Winnipeg, Manitoba

      When you’re in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and need professional computer care, TickTockTech’s Computer Services is your go-to solution. Our services cover a wide range of offerings, including:

      • PC Repairs

      • Data Backups & Recovery

      • Malware & Virus Removal

      • Preventative Maintenance Plans

      • Business VOIP

      • Server Solutions

      • Home & Office Networking

      • IT Consulting & Tech Support

      • Onsite & Remote Support

      • New Computer Setup

      Computer Services Winnipeg, Manitoba
      Onsite Computer Fix

      Same Day, Onsite Computer Fix

      If your computer breaks down in Winnipeg, you don’t have to wait for extended periods to get it fixed. TickTockTech offers same-day and onsite computer repair services. Our technicians will come to your location, diagnose the issue, and provide immediate solutions to get your computer up and running.

      We recognize that each computer problem is unique, and our technicians will tailor their approach to effectively address your specific issue. Additionally, we ensure clear communication throughout the repair process, keeping you informed about the problem, the steps taken to resolve it, and any potential costs involved.

      PC Repair Near Me in Winnipeg

      For comprehensive PC repair services in Winnipeg, TickTockTech is a trusted choice. We offer professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re dealing with a troublesome computer issue or seeking preventive maintenance, TickTockTech can provide the comprehensive solutions you need to keep your PC running smoothly.

      We’re just a phone call away at (204) 818-2271, ready to provide you with efficient PC repair services.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the types of computer repairs?

      Types of computer repairs include hardware repair, software repair, data recovery, networking solutions, and screen/display fixes.

      What are computer maintenance services?

      Computer maintenance services involve practicing regular tasks. These include software updates, virus scans, data backups, disk cleanup, and hardware cleaning to keep your computer in good shape.

      How do I service my computer in Winnipeg?

      You can service your computer yourself or contact a computer repair shop for help. Contact TickTockTech at (204) 818-2271, and we’ll schedule an appointment for our experts to visit you.

      Why Are Computer Services Important in Winnipeg?

      Computer services play a crucial role in maintaining the optimal performance of your computer and preventing potential issues. Additionally, computer services provide essential support for addressing and resolving computer problems as they arise. If you need computer services in Winnipeg, contact TickTockTech now for expert assistance.

      What do computer services include?

      Computer services encompass activities such as computer and computer system installation, maintenance, and repair. At TickTockTech, we provide a variety of computer services tailored to meet your specific needs.


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      4.8 stars | 4712 Reviews
      5 star computer repair rating

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